How to Make Magnetic Calendars Effective Marketing Tools: Tips From The Pros

Magnetic calendars are budget friendly and practical handouts with a full year of visibility, which make them perfect marketing tools for every business. Customize these with your name and message apart from something people like to position your brand on top of the minds of your audience to enhance your brand visibility and referrals.

Turn calendar magnets to your best advantage

Calendar magnets are time-sensitive gifts, which means that you should time the distribution of these logo items accurately to ensure the best return. Ideally, start placing orders for calendar magnets by fall season to beat the holiday rush and to make sure that your gifts reach your recipients first. As people shift their focus to the holiday season and the New Year festivities next year’s calendar becomes a highly useful item. Choose 13 month calendar magnets or those with an unusual shape or features to pique quick interest.

4x7 Custom Refrigerator Magnetic Calendars Magnets 20 Mil

Stand out from the rest of the crop of magnets

Your recipients may have multiple magnets on their fridge doors. Make your magnetic calendars attractive and eye catching with full color artwork, interesting taglines or inspiring deals or call of action messages that will draw the eye. Magnets fall in the eye span of a lot of other people beyond your primary recipients, which in turn will drive a lot of referrals and word of mouth publicity as well.

 365 days of promotion

Calendar magnets grab the undivided attention of your audience for a full year, which not many other custom gifts can do.   Every time they check the events or schedules, they will be reminded of your brand and the next time they know where to look should they need your products or services. On an average a person opens the fridge doors over 15 times to restock supplies or take out grub and drinks. So, just imagine the exposure your brand will get on these logo items. The more your recipients see your brand the more will be their brand familiarity.

Take your promotions one step further by bringing alive the holiday season spirit by imprinted the magnets with list of parades and other festivities in the area, which will go a long way in enhancing the popularity of your brand in the local community.

Easy to distribute

Custom calendar magnets are light weight and compact, which makes it easy to distribute. Be it as mailer gifts, store promotional items or tradeshow swag, calendar magnets grab a few brownie points extra for being easy to distribute. These make ideal accompaniments to New Year greetings and holiday mailers because it will enhance the value of the mailers and the chances of getting them opened and read. Reports show that including a freebie in mailer campaigns can infact enhance the readability and effectiveness of your mails. Go for it!

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