Custom Magnets- The Best Creative Handouts To Usher In The Holiday Season

The mere mention of holiday season will conjure images of people exchanging gifts wrapped in gorgeous glitter paper. For businesses too, it makes a great time to think about unique and attractive gifts for their recipients. If you are looking for a budget friendly and crowd pleasing handouts that will never get overlooked in the holiday rush and piles of gifts that your customers may be getting, place your bets on custom magnets as your possible holiday gift.

Business card magnets

If you are planning to send a greeting card, make sure to add a business card magnet along to enhance its personal touch and value. These attractive full color magnets will earn a permanent place on the fridge doors of your recipients thereby putting your brand on a proud display for a long time. Every time they need your products they will easily know where to look.

2x3.5 Custom Restaurant Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Magnetic memo boards

Magnetic memo boards will make strong communication tools all year round with least effort and lowest investment. A cleverly customized magnetic memo board not only makes a wonderful brand token, but also a good refrigerator art.  These are great for promoting businesses like dental clinics, spa and health care services and more while the recipients have a fun way to place their memos and messages.

3.5x4 Custom Dental Magnetic Memo Boards Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Door hanger magnets

These attractive door hanger magnets are great options for targeted promotions like door-to-door promotions or themed events. This custom magnet never loses its charm because people never get bored of it while the low cost advantage will make it a great handout for all types of mass promotions.

11x4.5 Custom Magna Hang Door Hanger with 3.5x2 Business Card Magnets 20 Mil

Calendar magnets

There can’t be a better handout than these yearly calendar magnets to boost your New Year promotions. Every time your recipients use these to refer the events and dates, their affinity towards your brand will go up. These  budget friendly custom gifts will ensure brand promotion for 365 days, which is another big plus of these ubiquitous items.

Sports schedule magnets

The beginning of the year is all about baseball and NASCAR events and these sports schedule magnets will make a great way to put your brand into the sports season. These can be dispatched through mailers or left at food stores or sports bars to establish a relationship with prospective clients. Getting your name and phone number out there early on will have a great impact on your brand popularity.

4x7 Custom Football Sport Schedule Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Which of these are you planning to use your holiday gifts and why? Share your thoughts and ideas with us at our facebook page and join the conversation.