3 Overwhelming Reasons To Promote Your Brand With Magnetic Calendars

Calendar magnets make the bedrock of any budget friendly New Year campaign. It is great to announce the change of seasons and greet the New Year in style because everyone needs calendars to keep a tab on their activities and holidays. The best part is that magnetic calendars ensure a brand promotion for 365 days; imagine the exposure that your brand will get every time your recipients see these full color magnets on their fridge doors or filing cabinets.

Here are 3 compelling reasons of magnetic calendars that make them high value handouts

High utility value

Though in a digital world, most people have a calendar app on their mobile devices, still they find it convenient to have a physical calendar in front of them. Be it to check the upcoming events, to see the date and day or to plan their month or year, everyone needs calendars in their daily life. When your recipients get a calendar magnet they are rest assured that they have a promotional item that will not get misplaced or torn. These logo items earn repeat glances and a high possibility of getting displayed on the fridge doors or filing cabinets. By positioning your brand right in front of the audience, you can drive referrals your way.

Calendar magnets will double up as a handy way to hold their shopping lists, kids artwork or daily reminders. Every time your recipients take a look at these daily lists, your brand popularity gets enhanced.  These custom magnets earn the prime real estate spots of fridge doors or filing cabinets that occupy the high traffic zones of offices or homes thereby grabbing a lot of attention from people outside the circle of recipients.

5x7.25 Custom Magnetic Refrigerator Calendars Magnets 20 Mil

365 days of Advertising

Calendar magnets will get a minimum of one year of visibility at a small investment. Traditional advertisements like radio spots or print require a high investment and renewal charges, while calendar magnet will ensure the best value for your promotional dime. Unlike most other custom gifts that people will find boring after some time, calendar magnets will retain its relevance for a minimum of 1 year. Full color magnets that are customized with interesting taglines and images may even get retained even after the year is over.

Budget friendly

Full color magnetic calendars offer the best value for your promotional investment thanks to its long shelf life and incredible popularity. Our magnets that are factory direct and made in the U.S.A. will easily stretch your promotional dime.

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