Promotional calendar magnets – the timeless gift to promote your business

The mere mention of promotional calendar magnets may evoke a quizzical look atleast in some of your regular customers as they might think that these have become obsolete! If you think you are travelling back in time by doling out these handy promotional gifts, you could be mistaken. Calendar magnets have always been around for a long time now and have never disappeared from the promotional scene.

Customized 4x7 inch Veterinary Round Corner Calendar Magnets 20 mil

When we are in the year 2015, calendar magnets are once again back with a bang! Be it tradeshows, expos, mailer campaigns, in store promotions or more, these promotional magnets always enjoy a red carpet welcome among customers for their immense practical use. Calendar magnets bring in that well desired personal touch to the sales process – something that is lacking in today’s world driven by technology.

So, if you are looking for a time tested way to get your customers’ attention for a full year that too without paying a fortune, then place your bets on promotional calendar magnets. Offered at competitive prices, calendar magnets from will make sure that your logo remains well noticed all around the year.

When a new year starts, the first thing most people do is to buy their own calendars if they don’t get any calendar gifts, which shows its immense popularity even in today’s digital age! People use calendars in different ways. Apart from keeping track of the dates and days of the month they use it to schedule their holidays, make a note of payments dates, milestones, doctor’s appointments and much more! A promotional calendar magnet is a stable and highly visible alternative to virtual calendars that fail to sync up when needed!

Custom 3.87x7.25 Custom Rounded Corner Calendar Magnets 20 mil

Calendar magnets always work

With a printed calendar magnet, your logo and business message will remain in clear view every time your customers check on a date, or look on their fridge door. Your customers will use these calendars a lot during the year and your branding never stops! Calendar magnets bring together the best of both the worlds by combining your name with a year-at-a-glance calendar. These make thoughtful gifts to promote restaurants, dental offices, schools, realtor businesses and many more.

Leave your Personal touch

Our fully customizable calendar magnets with premium quality, made in USA magnet back will make a top quality hand out that you can be proud of. Magnet calendars can be customized to match the tastes of your customers and your branding theme. You can lure your customers to take a look at these logo imprinted calendars by leaving ample space for your customers to jot down the information that will keep them well organized and up-to-date.

Now that you have decided to hand out these custom calendar magnets, make sure that you time your distribution properly to ensure the best results. Make sure to give these calendar magnets to your customers close enough to the New Year before your competitors place their brands on their fridge doors. Hurry! Book calendar magnets in bulk at to avail the best deals and discounts!