Benefits of using Printed magnets for Fund raising mailer campaigns

Fund raising events help many nonprofit organizations and start up schools and businesses to keep up their good work and to promote their social cause. If you are still looking for some sure fire promotional tips to add fire to your 2015 fundraising campaigns, here are a few tips.

4x4.625 Awareness Teddy Bear Shape Magnet

Half of Americans who participated in a random survey said that they have made donations to churches, non-profit or charitable organizations in the past 12 months. 63% of Senior citizens in the age group of 55 or above were found to give funds to charities and nonprofits while only 33% of people in the age group of 18-34 contributed. However, what is worth taking note is the fact that as much as 25% of these donors said that their contribution was in response of a direct mail solicitation, which highlights the importance of direct mailers in the success of any fund raising event.

Considering the fact that senior groups contribute more for fund raising events, direct mailers will be the best option to reach out to them as most people in the age group of 55+ are less active in social media. So, to generate donations, direct mail fundraising delivers better results than social media.

Here are some of the popular promotional magnets that can be considered for your fund raising events

1.75 x 4.l87 square corner full color magnet can be sought by advertisers who wish to set a trend of social contacting in an elegant and subtle way. This magnet can be easily customized with the brand information and social information with equal prominence.

4x7 Health Round Corners Magnet

3 Piece Puzzle Shape Magnets 20 Mil are widely used for various fund raising events like autism awareness campaigns. Jigsaw puzzles are loved by elders and youngsters as they tickle and challenge the brains. A puzzle shaped awareness magnet will instantly draw people’s attention towards the cause. So if you want to drive home your message in clear terms on a low budget, this 3-piece puzzle shaped magnet will be safe bet.

Teddy Bear Shape Magnets 20 Mil will grab a few eyeballs with its adorable shape. You can express issues of social importance or fund raising events in a playful manner while handing out these printed magnets. Light weight and trendy these make excellent direct mailer items. Imprint your logo, message and fund raising event details, send in mail or hand out at tradeshows or awareness campaigns to make your fund raising campaign a success.

Marketers agree that subtle promotions like mailer campaigns work better than the loudest and most direct attempts during advertising events. Seems like one more reason to add direct mailers into your fundraising plans! So, if you are looking for an understated promotional theme to drive your fund raising events, then these promotional awareness magnets make safe and sensible options for your mailer campaigns.