Reach out to the local community with promotional magnets

U. S. Census Bureau statistics show that over 40 million people move to new neighborhoods every year. People move to new localities for work, better housing facilities, education options and other factors.

Young adults migrate more often than senior citizens and every time they move to a new location, they make a potential market for local businesses.

By welcoming new movers to the neighborhood, local businesses can ensure a new source of revenue. If you are looking for an easy way to get connected to new customers and to make them repeat customers, refrigerator magnets are good options to consider. These will gain their attention in no time and will keep them hooked all through as these delightful fridge magnets are too good to resist.

4x6 inch Bar Calendar Square Corner Magnets 20 mil

Direct mail campaign is another option to reach out to potential customers who are ready to spend. While sending out mails to those in the new mover mailing lists, make sure that your offer goes on postcard magnets. For any new mover who is not familiar with the area, this information can be of crucial importance.

It is estimated that as much as 68% of new movers will change their doctor and 41% will change their dentist when they move to a new place. Thus by making your business offer visible on their refrigerator, you are making a strong business lead. People will retain these magnets that carry vital information like a doctor’s clinic contact details, securely on the refrigerator doors for long and whenever they need to avail the services, the recipients will surely use it.

Here are some of the promotional magnets that can be used to woo the new customers in your neighborhood.

6x6 Square Corners Outdoor Safe Full Color Magnets

Business card magnets: Having just moved into a new neighborhood, most people will find it a bit difficult to find essential services and shops. Send out these business card magnets during the mailer campaigns to those who have recently moved in to create the very best first impression. For instance a 2 x 3.5 inches bakery business card magnet with square cornered edges is a good option to promote your bakery and confectionery stores. People cannot keep themselves away for long from their favorite cookies and goodies and a change of home can never be a reason for them to change their snacking habits.

Bar Calendar magnets : Hand out these logo imprinted bar calendar magnets, which make great promotional gifts to promote your bars and pubs. Let’s be frank about it! There is nothing much like a pint of chilled beer to beat the migration stress and people will surely remember your business every time they need a refreshing drink. These logo calendars will live for a whole year or more on your customer’s fridge doors and filing cabinets and will even help them make new friends in the area over a drink!

Promotional magnets like car magnets, postcard magnets and clip magnets among others can also be employed to get connected with the new customers. Printed magnets are highly recommended promotional gifts to promote your local business as these build relations and ensure a high brand exposure at a low investment. So, what are you waiting for? Break the ice with your new neighbors with our custom promotional magnets!