About Using 4 Inch Circle Magnets for White Bread or Wheat Bread Marketing

White bread or wheat bread is the old health-nut debate and it is still going strong in online media forums and at nutritionist’s offices. Well, this blog discusses how you can use 4 inch circle magnets for white bread or wheat bread marketing.

4 Inch Diameter Circle Shape Custom Full Color Magnets

When it comes to white bread marketing – it is used for snackable content. Of course, at such small area, you cannot fit bible of marketing isn’t it? In that sense, white bread is not a junky snack, but it is filling and overpowering. However, you may feel like echoing your nutritionist’s words – Wheat bread is healthier than white bread. Perhaps he/she is right in saying so, but you cannot get that variety of good wheat bread everywhere you go!

Although your parents, teachers, health conscious friends and others have hammered into your brain that wheat bread is the healthiest of white bread and all breads, still you may wrinkle your nose on seeing it. Do you know mothers and wives have to work double hard to make their folks eat wheat bread. Similarly creating wheat bread content for your advertisement can be a tougher one, if you are not don’t know what do your customers expect.

Here is how you can attempt at white bread marketing over 4 inch circle magnets

  • Attempt short sentences, which convey great meaning
  • Play around with impressive graphics, logos, and symbols to make your advertising text impressive.
  • Tell them in short to contact you as early as possible.

Now you might have understood that white bread is not bad at all, unless and until it satiates your hunger and offer you some relief.

Now coming to the wheat bread marketing over customized circle magnets 4 inch –

  • Create a content, which answers to their problem.Now you may ask, doesn’t that sound like another white bread marketing tactic. Never, never, and never. You can use short sentences to answer their questions. For example – a deodorant advertisement read – Only deodorant with no gas. This is a brilliant example of wheat bread content because people can map their expectations to this product.
  • Take a deep dive into the complex topic and fix it at once.
  • Help them to understand how your product or service will serve them better
  • Or try to address an important topic in your niche

Now some may argue that white bread content is vague and dumbest way of bragging about your brand. It is not true; you can create a content, which fulfills the hunger to know more. However, you cannot expect any big impressions, if you have modeled your advertisement in plain bread model.

The reason to involve wheat bread content is that it helps you to address your consumers with a distinct flair and helps to break away from the monotony of “Free”, “Save”, “When”, “Hurry” and “What”.

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