The Best Ways To Employ Circle Magnets For Brand Promotions

Magnets make trending advertising tools that can easily stay on refrigerator doors, cars or in fact any metal surface without any ugly marks or stains. Ideal for home or office, magnets can be easily personalized with your logo, information or artwork. Though magnets are available in various shapes, circle magnets stand out for their interesting features that most of us might not have known before.5.87 Inch Custom Circle Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

  • Circle Magnets are visually attractive and will readily impress the onlookers.
  • These dainty delights can easily be imprinted with your logo, message or mascot to make a work of art.
  • Budget friendly and easy to distribute

How to distribute
Circle magnets can be distributed in various ways.

  • As a hand out to people in shopping streets: Nobody can resist these attractive circle shaped magnets that are delightfully different from the most common rectangular or square magnets
  • Circle magnets can be employed for direct mail campaigns as these are light weight and unbreakable. Just imagine how these magnets will surprise your recipients when they open their mails?
  • Magnets can be employed as souvenirs in packages. For marketers who are celebrating milestones and special events can think of handing out these circle magnets along with purchases or gift packages.
  • Visually appealing, circle magnets will make your brand seen at the right place at the right time.

Now that you have decided to use circle magnets for promoting your brand, here are some smart tips to get the best results out of these.

  • Unique: Leave your identity on magnets by making your imprint message stand out from the competitors. Customize the magnets in a way that it appeals to the niche audience. Create specific messages for your audience to make a personal touch.
  • Design: Make sure to keep it stylish and ensure the maximum readability for your messages. Black fonts on white background will ensure the maximum readability. Keep your fonts big and texts minimum for the best impact.
  • Avoid unnecessary graphics: Keep away from unnecessary pictures and images as it might reduce the impact of your marketing message.
  • Titles are important: Human eye first takes note of objects, then title and after that the texts. People read headlines 8 times more often than the text itself! So, make sure to keep the titles attractive and catchy.
  • Precision: Convey your message precisely and wherever needed you can use numbers to make it more convincing. For instance it is better to say 24 hour shipping than quick shipping.

Circle magnets have a whimsical charm about it in promoting brands and services. Make the most of it and make your promotions a huge success. Circle magnets will make great options for mailer campaigns, tradeshows and more.