Clip Magnets – You cannot find a powerful and subtle way of influencing a customer!

Clip magnets have become a powerful promotion tool because it is a very important office accessory. Nowadays businessmen choose to brand these clips with suitable business information. These magnets are also known as magnetic clips and are especially preferred for indoor promotions. Following are some of the popular types of magnetic clips utilized for promotions –

  • Magnetic business cards with clip – These clips have multiple utility, they function as business cards as well paper holders. In this way entrepreneurs can choose to make huge benefits by investing in a magnetic business card with a clip. The customers will remember the brand information every time they reach out for the clip.
  • Magnetic Power Clip Ribbon – This is another clip magnet with multiple utilities. It can be utilized to spread business information in an exceptional way and also it can serve as a paper holder. The advertisers can choose to customize this magnet with suitable colors and they can imprint their business information on one side.
  • Custom dry erase power clip – As the name suggests, the dry erase power clip can be utilized for holding dry erase power clip. Advertisers can offer these clips as part of special promotion. It will surely become one of the most admired office accessories. The dry erase power clip lying on the table will surely remind the customer of your brand the each time they reach out for power clip.
  • Magnetic clip business card holder – The magnetic business card holder is one important office accessory. As the advertisers need to maintain large network to remain in the business. Similarly, their customers also need to maintain large network of social connections to survive in this competitive world and business cards have become one of the prime mediums of connection. It helps to connect people from different walks of life. Often people think of trashing the simple looking paper card to avoid the clutter. The magnetic clip business card holder will resolve their problem. An advertiser can choose to customize this holder with suitable business information and hand it over as a gift to their dearest customers. The customers will always build a good impression towards an advertiser who helped them to manage their contacts nicely.

The clip magnets are also offered in varied sizes and shapes, and advertisers can choose according to their investing budget and requirements.

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