Custom Car Magnets – The Proven Way To Drive Up Your Brand Recall

One of the most important benefits of handing out car magnets for businesses is effective brand recall.  Your recipients will easily remember the company name or brand imprinted on these as they see it on your sales or service vehicles plying around the city. The more they see more will be their familiarity with your brand.

Car magnets are available in a delightful range of shapes and colors to match your promotional theme. People will simply love to get these full-color magnets for free anytime, anywhere. Magnets are tangible promotional items that will make your message viral as social media.  When customized appropriately, these imprinted magnets can make low-cost exposure, brand impressions and more. These full-color magnets offered in an exciting range of shapes will add a unique identity to the vehicles of your recipients and they will love the privilege of getting spotted even in heavy traffic.

Custom Pizza Slice Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets

Word of mouth marketing.

One of the oldest methods of promotions, word of mouth marketing, makes a lot of sense even today. Reports show that 90% of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations while making purchase decisions or product choices. High visibility tools, like magnets, encourage and enhance word of mouth marketing without any repeat investment or effort. That is a big plus indeed!

Engage your audience

Promotional magnets enjoy a very high level of public display though they are cost-effective. No matter whether these are handed out in person or mailed out, magnets have a higher perceived value than most conventional promotional items like brochures. Magnets make an engaging talking topic among your prospects that will further enhance your goodwill.

Small Helmet Shape Magnets

 Stick and Promote

Promotional magnets make a cost-effective way to announce grand openings, special deals or even as signage to your stores. Just stick it to the vehicles to spread your message in a tasteful and fun way. Your recipients will never overlook the message imprinted on these attractive magnets.

As fundraising items

Promotional magnets can also become profitable products themselves. Booster clubs can customize car magnets that their fans will pay for. Think of a unique branding angle; create a magnet with enough perceived value that inspires people to show it off and pay for the privilege.

Car magnets can be used in endless ways to stir off word of mouth publicity and strengthen your brand. The best part is that car magnets hold the rare distinction of being a low-cost product with the highest marketing exposure. Custom car magnets make a fun way to strengthen business relations and to engage with their audience.

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