How Custom Vehicle Magnets Fit Into Your Overall Marketing Strategy?

Vehicle magnets have changed the conventions of outdoor marketing by making it more interesting and fun.  Here are some of the unbeatable advantages of car magnets, which make them, fit into your marketing mix.

Greater visibility

Custom vehicle magnets ensure greater brand awareness for marketers at comparatively low rates. As the influence of outdoor marketing is all set to reach new heights in the days ahead, the importance of custom car magnets has become infinite.

Studies show that higher level of physical activity leads to a higher level of brain activity in humans. That is the reason why we all remember advertisements on the road than what we see on TV or mobile devices while at home. Vehicle magnets engage the outdoorsy crowd with your message and create a long lasting impression.

Motorcycle Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

 Budget friendly

Billboards and news paper ads are expensive and require substantial initial investment plus recurring renewal charges and maintenance costs. Car magnets are cost effective, last a long time and above all do not require any maintenance.

With some clever customization, marketers can turn these full color vehicle magnets into a high visibility billboard that everyone will love.

 Easy to remove and apply

Car magnets are easy to put on and take off. It all depends when you need these on your vehicles. Off for a car wash?  Just remove it and put back once done; Wish to use your business vehicles for personal use during weekend? Just pull off the magnets and you are all set for the joy ride with family.

With a magnetic sign on hand, you have a versatile billboard that works fine according to your promotional needs. UV resistant and sturdy, these outdoor magnets will look good and last long on your vehicle surface as well.

Custom Paw Shape Magnets

Place where you like!

Custom magnetic signs will give the freedom to move your billboard to any point on your car – as long it is a metallic surface! Place it where you get maximum attention and where people see it the most. Something not possible for billboards! Once you hire the space, you have to put up with it, till the end of lease period. You cannot move the billboard to ensure better visibility. If you wish to get a new billboard at a more prominent spot, you have to invest again!

 Pizza Slice Shape Magnets


Car magnets are long lasting and will bear the daily grinds with a grin! So, you don’t have to spend or worry about replacements for several years. Wind tested, UV coated, factory direct  and made in USA, these full color magnets ensure trouble free service for a long time.

So, if you are  looking for a temporary and flexible vehicle advertising option, car magnetic signs will make a superb  option. Choose from a wide range of interesting models and sizes at just about every price rate and get all the eyes on your brand wherever your vehicles go!