Imprinted Car Magnets-Make Your Brand Reach Beyond The Target Audience

Looking for a handout that will get your brand not just in your target audience but even beyond that? We have something exciting for you- Custom car magnets! It will take your message much beyond your target audience to a wider audience. The best part- you do nothing except driving around your business vehicles bearing these full color magnets to catch the eyes of your audience. Conventional promotional items will help you to reach out only the target customers; but car magnets will get your logo into new and unexplored demographics as you navigate the streets.

Designed to bear the outdoor weather elements with ease, car magnets will retain its color and brilliance for a long time. Another big plus is that these magnets remain stuck to the surface without flying off the cars. Made in USA, these factory direct imprinted car magnets can be easily removed and stuck to any vehicle of your choice. So, you can literally turn any vehicle to your business vehicle and turn it back to your personal vehicle after the business hours! Nobody can resist these full color magnets imprinted with a funny tagline, a mascot, logo and contact details. Your customers will find it easy to contact your business organizations for their enquiries.

5.5x3.5 Custom Oval Shaped Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Car magnets are available in various shapes, sizes and price points. All you need to do is to pick up a model that matches your product line and promotional budget. Magnets are fun; they add a pop of color to the bland refrigerator doors. Magnets even double up as a hold up for your shopping lists and reminders. So, magnets get the word out about your company in a subtle way and tell people what you are about.  Ridiculously cheap, magnets can be used lavishly in all types of promotional events and campaigns including tradeshows. Car magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions; once you customize them, they won’t stop working for your brand! Buy a few car door magnets now for a few dollars and they will pay for themselves after a trip or two around town!

Car magnets are not season specific and can be handed out all year round, which literally translates into lifetime business opportunity. Magnets never go out of fashion and remain hot favorites among every genre of audience. So, you can even stock up these custom magnets in excess for those unexpected promotional campaigns that may come your way.

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