Multiple Ways How Custom Magnets Promote Your Brand

If you are on the lookout for a budget friendly hand out that will increase brand awareness, keeps going for years and which your customers will love, custom magnets will make a perfect choice to consider. Magnets are born crowd pleasers that will build customer loyalty and maximize your sales without leaving a dent on your promotional budget.

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Here are some unbeatable Benefits of Promotional Magnets

Custom magnets are versatile handouts that will go a long way in promoting your brand because everyone will use them and retain them for years.

Everyone Likes Magnets

Magnets enjoy a fabulous fan base and people will be happy to get them as freebies so that they can put them up on their fridge.  Where brochures and flyers get discarded, custom magnets will always end up in high visibility spots on fridge doors and metallic surfaces. Custom magnets have a higher perceived value than most other custom products as these full color magnets will always be displayed prominently.

Magnets enjoy high retention

Reports show that people tend to retain magnets for as long as 8 years on average because they are both fun and functional. Your recipients will use it to hold up their reminders and daily tasks that they need to see daily. Every time they see these custom magnets, their familiarity with your brand will go up manifold.

High Brand Impressions

On an average, people open their fridge doors between 10-12 times a day. So, you can imagine the brand impressions that refrigerator magnets make in a day. If you are handing out a custom magnet for a family of 5 members you will get 50 and 60 impressions per day, or 21,900 impressions per year! The best part is that these imprinted magnets grab the attention of not just your recipients but  everyone who sees it. So your message will reach a much wider audience than your targeted crowd.  Not many custom gifts can match the brand impressions that magnets make.

Budget friendly

Magnets are cheap as chips and on ordering in bulk you can infact buy magnets at prices that are next to nothing! The low cost advantage of magnets makes them a great handout for mass events like tradeshows and mailer campaigns among others.

You Can Get Really Creative

Custom magnets offer a lot of scope for marketers to get creative because you can include artwork, taglines or mascots in full color to grab the best attention of your audience. While choosing custom magnet models like personalized car magnets you get a rare opportunity to put your brand on a proud display to everyone on the street, which will further drive up the mass appeal of your business.

You can even add QR codes or discount offers on custom magnets to get your customers come back to your stores more often. Or include kitchen conversion units, emergency numbers, CPR tips and a lot more to enhance the engagement of your audience with your brand in a fun and lively manner without any marketing overtones.

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