Take Your Brand Right Into Your Audience With Custom Car Magnets

Conventional marketing is all about promoting your brand inside your showrooms and luring your customers to the shops. This promotional method however, is a game of chance as marketers cannot expect a steady footfall with this approach. So, a smarter option would be to turn the conventions upside down by taking the brand into the middle of the audience instead of waiting for them to come to your brand! That is what car magnets do and do in style!4x7 Custom Awareness Magnets 25 Mil Round Corners

Car magnets can be employed in several interesting and inspiring ways. Imprint your logo, mascot, message or artwork, choose and appropriate shape and see how these custom magnets make trendy billboards for your business.

Awareness campaigns: Do you feel strongly about any cause? Check out these car magnets that can reach out to a large people at the same time. Choose these awareness magnets to drive home your message in an emphatic manner and in style. These days, most causes are identified by symbols that are widely known by many people. For instance a red ribbon magnet is the universal symbol for aids awareness while a pink ribbon magnet will stand for breast cancer prevention and awareness events.

Fund raising events: Car magnets are cheap and hence do well as fund-raising items for a cause. These magnets can be procured at a low cost and sold off for a higher price to raise funds for your events. People will be enthusiastic to buy custom car magnets firstly because it makes a great way to show their support for the cause and secondly contribute money towards the cause. Car magnets make popular fund raising items especially for political campaigns, sports leagues and schools among others.

Customization options: Car magnets are easy to customize with logo, mascot or message. Available in various interesting shapes, sizes and models, magnets can be imprinted in full color for the best visual appeal. All you need to do is bring out your creative cap in getting the message out to the audience.

Mass campaigns: Car magnets can take our message to a large crowd with ease. Every time your cars or trucks move around, these logo imprinted magnets will stir off a lot of interest among the onlookers.

Sports leagues: Express your support and affiliations to the sports leagues through car magnets. If you are planning to promote a baseball league, buy car magnets that are shaped like a baseball. It will instantly draw the attention of people around and will make your team popular. These magnets can be handed out during mailer campaigns or community events to enhance the popularity and goodwill of your team.

These may be named as car magnets. But these can be used for vans, trucks, bikes, showroom windows and in fact any metal surface. UV resistant and long lasting, car magnets will give a new definition for outdoor marketing. Try it to believe it!