Corporate Premiums Custom Shaped Magnets – Our choices for you

Corporate premiums custom shaped magnets – as the term suggests it indicates different choices of magnets available for corporate marketing. Today, corporate have vast number of choices to consider. Until some years back these corporate strictly adhered to the regular shaped magnets for promotion. They had to work within limited choices and were often forced to discard their ideas due to the limitations.

Today, there is no dearth of choices available for promotion; still advertisers can feast on magnets such as-

  • Business card magnets – Business cards have been around for a long time. You may see many people trashing them as junk; still advertisers are hell bent to supply their business cards during the trade fairs and shows. What makes them to cling to this advertising tool, when it is perceived with resistance? Then the answer lies in its utility value. A business card is still preferred by customers to refer some important brand information such as a contact number or contact person’s name and etc.If you are an advertiser who wish to build a brand recognition through these business cards, then its best to go for a business card magnet because people will not throw them easily as the regular business cards. Also, they will make it a point to stick it against the refrigerator or other visible surfaces.
  • Postcard shaped magnets – The postcards are considered an important tool of communication. Until some years back people used it for expressing the regular information, but today advertisers have leaped a step ahead by including it in their advertising campaign.A postcard shaped magnet can be utilized by advertisers to promote their business information. It also provides them bigger space than any other promotional medium.
  • Picture frame magnets – Magnetic picture frames are given away as business gifts. These picture frames can be used by customers to hold images. Also, the advertisers can customize it with suitable business information prior to gifting. In this way they can display their brand information as many times as they want and also the customers will take efforts to remember it whenever they tend to look onto an image.
  • Sports Magnets – These magnets can be utilized by corporate advertisers who are planning to cash on the sports season. The sports magnets are available in the shapes of some sporting items and they can be customized suitably with business information. It makes a good away during the matches or along special purchases.

Advertisers can choose the custom magnets according to their preferences and business requirements. They can cash on the popularity of the shapes for marketing!

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