Custom Shaped Magnets – What are Your Choices ?

If you are searching for custom shaped magnets, you are likely to find abundance of variety. On scouting popular online stores stocking custom magnets – you will find these magnets arranged according to shapes, niches, sizes, thickness, colors, etc. If you are very specific about what you want, it is easier to court them in different shapes. Although the classification may run pages, but here we have attempted at categorization of popular shapes.2.37x2.37 Custom Printed Squirrel Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

  • Food Shaped Magnets – If you are a food marketer, food planner, nutritionist, you can easily rely on food shaped magnets to inform about your services. Do not be surprised to see a magnet shaped like a cup cake, pizza, cheese wedge, ice cream cone, bread, etc. You can easily settle for the one, which meets your promotional expectation. For example – If you run a pizzeria or pizza restaurant, you can easily go for pizza shaped magnets or if you specialize in baked items or wish to promote your special baked goodies, it is perfect to settle for bread, cupcakes, cakes, etc.
  • State Shaped Magnets – You might have tried 100 ways to promote your service with optimum, high or lowest minimum success rate. This time you can easily break previous records by involving US State Shaped Magnets. As the name refers, you can easily find a magnet in shape of any of the 50 US States. You can easily find the one, which matches with your home state. This time you are definite to find success by triggering patriotism in your targeted customer.
  • Healthcare Shaped Magnets – Healthcare marketing is becoming a challenging thing for healthcare marketers who are trying to build credibility for their business. These custom magnets are shaped like capsules, crosses, bandages, heart, water/blood droplets, etc.
  • Animal Shaped Magnets – Pet care is a very loving term and it is best to abide by animal shaped magnets, if you wish to propagate it far and wide. These magnets are perfect for businesses, which are trying to promote animal related services or zoos or even trying to build awareness about animal protection, sheltering, etc. People are definite to get enamored with bear, pig, owl, horse, rectbear, cow, duck ………. shaped magnets and they are sure to retain them as long as they can.
  • Tank Shaped Magnets – Although a tank symbolizes war, agony and excruciating pain, but you can easily employ tank shaped magnets for value building. People are sure to notice any information imprinted against them with ease. Energy and fuel related business and awareness programs can easily find success with these kind of magnets.
  • Tube Shaped Magnets – Tube lights and paste/cosmetic tubes are very familiar and people cannot do without them ever. You can easily take advantage of this dependence by getting your brand name imprinted on very familiar tube shaped magnets. Perfect for promoting lighting services, cosmetic companies, high-end supermarkets and many more.
  • House Shaped Magnets – These are extremely popular with real estate marketers and people never seem to get bored of them either. They love to retain it over their refrigerator doors and other visible surfaces within home because it also doubles up as an item of amusement!
  • Technology Shaped Magnets – iPhones, iPads, e-readers and many other technologies are popular and most people are aware of their existence. You can easily snap their attention by getting your brand information imprinted against them.
  • Sports Shaped Magnets – No need to say what do they mean, isn’t it? Magnets in shape of football, volleyball, golf, and football helmet are sure to trigger enthusiasm and sports spirit in any onlooker. Being a sports equipment company, sports club or any other sports concern, you can easily avail benefits by investing in these custom sports shaped magnets.
  • Vehicle Shaped Magnets – Ahoy a car shaped magnet! Is definitely going to be the expression, whenever you gift away a car shaped magnet to any of your customer. People are gonna love it because it will appease their visual senses and connect them to your business.
  • Ribbon Shaped Magnets – They work great for all types of businesses and rational thinking individuals because there is no dearth of agonies and pain around the world. These ribbon shaped magnets can be used during typical occasions or events to raise awareness about the case.

On seeing, these custom shaped magnets you need analyze your requirements and expectations before investing in them. On bulk ordering shaped magnets from any reputed online store, you are likely to receive benefits in form of discounts as well as freebies such as free art set up, free online design proof and free shipping.