Popular Back to School Magnets 2014

Happy holidays are about to end and students are busier with their last minute preparations. We are also getting busier with processing orders of custom back to school magnets. Looking around we can see that students are getting ready to face the competition with new books, uniforms and “found again” confidence. Parents and teachers are doing their bit too. Why don’t you do your bit to welcome these students, teachers, and parents back to the fold in special way? Why don’t you get involved with any of these back to school magnets?

Popular Back to School Magnets 2014

  • Calendar Magnets
    They are most popular till the date! Most students, teachers, and parents love to retain them for referring dates and as a token of pride. These remain at home 365 days a year and students are bound to see it regularly over their study tables or refrigerator doors. This time of visibility will create a sense of responsibility in young minds.
  • Pencil Magnets
    What else is more dearer to a student than a pencil? Although most schools across the globe have switched to e-learning modes, still pencil remains one of the most common accessories in school. Students are still encouraged to jot it with pencil in their formative years. You can easily get your school name imprinted over these custom pencil magnets and gift it to young students on the first day of their school. They are sure to retain it over their colorful refrigerator doors or small study tables as a matter of pride. Book magnets, scale magnets, and many other typical school object magnets are perfect for welcoming students on the first day of academic session.

  • School Bus Magnets
    School bus magnets are one of the most popular school magnets sold online. School buses are not only a transporting vehicle, but also serve as budding ground for relationships. We all have profound memories of our school years associated with school bus. By gifting away these custom school magnets, you are not only giving kids a reason to smile, but also trigger a jab of nostalgia within their parents.

  • Magna Phrase Magnets
    Custom magna phrase magnets lends you large space for imprinting school logo, mascot or business information as well as inspirational verses.

  • Sports Schedule Magnets
    New academic year is also going to be exciting due to sporty reasons. Students are gearing up for competitive time on field and they are busier aligning their views on certain teams. You can cheer up the wannabe players and trigger their enthusiasm and spirit by gifting these custom sports schedule magnets.

  • Contact Magnets
    Some may disregard them by calling business card magnets, but these are the ones that stick in minds forever. You can choose from beautiful contact magnets or business card magnets and get them imprinted with school contact information, mascot/logo prior to gifting. Most parents are going to retain it over their refrigerator doors as a reference token and symbol of their ever-growing pride!

  • Mascot Magnets
    Mascot magnets are those typical school spirit magnets, which always remain popular with students because they trigger their pride.

You can source your custom back to school magnets 2014 from any reputed online store selling custom magnets. During this purchase, you are likely to receive discounts on bulk orders and also avail shipping, art set up and online design proof for FREE.