Ever wondered how these custom Shirt Shaped Magnets can dress up your branding campaign in style?

Custom shirt shaped magnets will help you dress up your brand in style so as to enhance its brand recall and value. These custom magnets are more effective than real imprinted t-shirts as these remain in fashion circuits almost always unlike their wearable counterpart! These custom shirt magnets are perfect options to promote apparel stores, sports academies, fashion houses, and many others.

2.875x3 Collared Shirt Shape Full Color Magnet

Customized shirt refrigerator magnets can be used for imprinting branding messages, supporting teams or promoting social messages. The generous imprint area is what makes these shirt shaped promotional magnets a top hit among promotions. Hand these out during tradeshows, awareness campaigns, sports events or school programs to let your brand hog the limelight. Trendy and light weight these can be used for mailer campaigns as well.

Personalized Shirt shaped magnets make excellent party favors for wedding, bachelor parties and milestone celebrations. Hand these out to your employees as tokens of appreciation and see your brand getting the much desired exposure every time they flaunt these magnets on their car or work cabinets! Available in a bevy of attractive colors and a range of prices and sizes, you can easily find a shirt shaped magnet that suits your promo needs.

3.75x3.16 T Shirt Shape Full Color Magnets

Advertisers who use promotional T shirts for their branding often find it hard to get a perfect size for all their customers. However customized shirt shaped magnets are available in a range of sizes that will make your selection process really easy. You can find the one, which can hold your promotional messages, fits in your budget and appeals to your target audience. Customers will surely love these bright colored magnets over their refrigerator doors, filing cabinets and more. Offered in 0.20 thickness, these custom t shirt refrigerator magnets will easily last longer than real t-shirts!

Your customers will surely like to take home this Personalized Collared Shirt Shape Full Color Magnet (2.875×3). Ideal to promote football clubs, local sports leagues and apparel stores, this custom magnet has ample space for placing their brand logo and business message. Hand these out during tradeshows and other mass promotional events or as complimentary gifts with special purchases. No matter how you wish to make use of the advertising potential of these custom magnets, the fact remains that these shirt shaped magnets will have the ultimate say in your brand promo!

Personalized 3 Inch x 3 Inch Shirt Notekeeper 20 Mil Full Color Magnet is another delightful option to make your brand stick in the minds of your customers. Ideal for business announcements, discount offers and other information that may be of interest to your customers, this can be gifted along with purchases or as a complimentary token during/after services or tradeshows. A low cost alternative for promotional t shirts, these custom magnets will last longer than real T shirts and will make your brand promo a delightful experience.

Looking for an easy way to tell your new customers about your business? Try these stylish shirt shaped custom magnets. The bright colors and interesting designs and the mind boggling imprint options will make these magnets excitingly different from the many customary promotional gifts. Settle for the shape and color that best represents your business and just watch how these stylish custom magnets go about doing their job!