Grow Your Visibility through Our Durable Tree Shaped Magnets

There are many promotional tools for businesses yet there are only a few that are easy to use to market your business and boost your visibility. Sometimes though, boosting the visibility of your business will not be effective if you are just using a common promotional tool. If you will be handing out ordinary paper flyers or unattractive promotional tools, people will never be interested in reading or even just looking at what has been handed out to them. You have to learn new ways to market your business so that it will get people talking about your brand.

1.75x2 Personalized Tree Shaped Magnets 20 Mil2.5x2.5 Custom Printed Tree Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

So how do you increase your brand’s visibility? Well, you need to have something that will engage your prospects or existing clients to keep them coming back to you. All you need is a promotional tool that will remind everyone of your brand and the services that you offer. This promotional tool is our Tree Shaped Magnets. According to research, magnets on the refrigerator give 40 times daily exposure. Can you imagine the impact that these custom magnets give to your prospected clients?

Aside from offering long term visibility, here are some reasons why our tree shaped magnets are perfect for your promotional campaign:

  • It comes in a unique design that will definitely catch the attention of those whom you will be handing these out
  • Offer long term visibility
  • Assure you that you will be able to maximize its benefits
  • Not be crumpled or misplaced easily
  • Easily stick to refrigerator doors or filing cabinets
  • Made of high-quality recycled material making it sturdy so that is able to last long
  • Offered at very affordable prices3.25x3.5 Custom Printed Tree Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Most business owners would think that when they market their business it is time-consuming and costly. We are happy to say that all of our custom magnets can be availed at reasonable prices and we offer discounts when you purchase it in bulk. For more great news, you do not need to pay for shipping, set up and art assistance if you need one because we will give it out for free.

Due to its tree shape, people will be curious in reading whatever information that is imprinted on the magnets. These custom magnets are perfect for those business owners who offer gardening or landscaping services. From the shape alone, people already get the idea what your business is about. Our tree shaped magnet comes in different designs and sizes. We have our 1.75×2 Personalized Tree Shaped Magnets that can be available for as low as $.10. We also have a 2.5×2.5 Custom Printed Tree Shaped Magnets and can also be avail for as low as $.10. Lastly, we have our 3.25×3.5 Custom Printed Three Shaped Magnets which can be available for as low as $.12. All of these custom magnets are 20 MIL thick.

The perfect time to grow your business is now in the perfect marketing tool to invest in is our tree shaped magnets. Do not miss this opportunity to purchase from us because for your first order you can get a 10% discount. Just enter the coupon code TWCMD10 at the checkout page.