How These State Shaped Magnets Bring In a Nationalist Flavor into Your Brand Promo

Personalized state shaped magnets are perfect promotional giveaways for targeted promotions state or location wise. Reinforce your local presence in your state with these custom magnets that will put your message out across that particular state. These are good options to promote schools, realtors, political parties and much more.

California Shaped Magnet

If you are aiming on a high visibility campaign on a low budget, these state shaped magnets will be good options. If you wish to bring out your patriotic feelings during your brand promotion, you cannot afford to miss out this custom 3.5 x 2.34 United States shaped magnet. Ideal for any business or social or awareness campaigns, these promotional magnets can be used all round the year especially during July 4 and other days of national importance. Political campaigners will find these custom magnets really useful to spread their political messages and slogans. The generous imprint area of these magnets will carry your messages in style that your recipients will never be able to overlook!

Consider using these custom California shaped full color magnet to highlight your love for the sunny California. These make perfect promotional giveaways to promote holiday destinations, school districts and tour companies among others based in the state. These are well cut for mass events such as fundraisers, where huge turnouts can be expected. This magnet can be gifted individually or as gifts during festive season shopping or other events.

Custom Full Color Magnet Georgia Shaped

Custom New York shaped magnets are great options to stay true to the art, culture and fashion of New York. The city of many iconic edifices like the Empire State Building, Times Square and Statue of Liberty, New York is an international business hub as well. Hand out these custom magnets to promote a range of businesses like fashion stores, holiday destinations, hotels and many more in this exciting destination.

Custom state shaped magnets are especially useful for business lines that are based in remote areas and states as these will highlight your business in full glare. Every time your recipients put these custom magnets on their cars or bikes and drive around, your brand visibility will transcend the barriers of time and space! You can use these as party favors or corporate gifts for your employees as well. Your team will really feel proud to belong to their state when they stick these custom magnets on their work desks or cars.

Show off your patriotism and nationalist feeling along with brand promo with these unique custom magnets. Wherever you’re from, it is never too hard to find a custom shaped magnet of your state at our stores. Our state shaped custom magnet collection features all 50 states apart from a United States shaped magnet. Imprint your color logo or business message on these long lasting flat and flexible magnets that are well suited for putting photos, reminders or business cards on fridge or file cabinet. People will love to see their state every time they open their refrigerators or cabinets and your brand will enjoy a grand display.

The big plus of custom state magnets is its high visibility and unique state shapes. Every time you drive, these state magnets on their car will grab the attention of several fellow motorists wherever you go! To popularize your upcoming shop or event in a particular location, these custom state magnets will be a good choice. If you want to highlight your nativity and bring in a national flavor to your branding promo, these state shaped custom magnets will be a good option to consider.

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