Nourish Your Promotional Strategy By Investing On Food Shaped Magnets

Looking for low cost yet effective marketing strategy? Do you believe that this kind of promotional tool exist? Looking for something new and compelling?Do you believe in an all in one marketing tool? All of these questions that you have, we can answer.

Setting yourself apart is not always a bad thing especially when marketing your business. There are so many food businesses in the market today doing the same marketing strategy. Mostly, these food owners or marketers will advertise that they have the best food and the cheapest prices. They would commonly announce it through social media. Now, imagine this. In your local community, all restaurantswill use social media as their platform. Based on record that in years 2013 and 2014, the respondents that stated they used social media to market their business was 97%. Can you imagine that almost all business in all sectors uses this platform? When consumers are faced with all these information and all these restaurants, they will get confused right? Do not be driven by fear that you might be missing out on promoting your business because you are not doing it the way others are doing it.4.06x3.75 Custom Cupcake Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Help lighten the burden of the people by simply investing in our Food Shaped Magnets.

  • These custom magnets will make it easier for the consuming public to choose from the many options that are given.
  • You do not need to compete head to head especially with big companies who are investing a lot on their marketing. You have to just make a smart move.
  • This marketing strategy is the most convenient amongst other ways.
  • These custom shaped magnets willmake you will stand out from the crowd.
  • These custom shaped magnets can be given as a business card and can be applied on suitable surfaces such as refrigerator doors or filing cabinets. Every time someone looks at it or wants to order pizza, make reservations or orders food for parties they can just go to theirrefrigerator door and get your contact information.
  • They do not need to sort through piles of business cards or advertising leaflets.

You probably have a bakery or cake shop that just newly opened and you need to hand out something in the street just to let the people know that you have opened. These 1.75×2 Custom Bread Shaped Magnets or 4.06×3.75 Custom Cupcake Shape Magnets are the ones you should purchase. If you are a pizza company, you can choose from any of our 1.87×2.62 Custom Printed Pizza Slice Shape Magnets, 2.63×2.44 Custom Printed Pizza Slice Shape Magnets and 3.5×4 Custom Printed Large Pizza Slice Shape Magnets. Maybe you have a convenience store or you sell fresh fruits and vegetables then we have our 1.75×2.87 Custom Grocery Bag Shape Magnets and 1.87×2 Custom Pumpkin Shape Magnets respectively. Do you want to promote your restaurant? Do not worry we have something for you as well. These are only a few examples of our custom shaped magnet that we offer. You can check out the rest of the other custom magnets by clicking on this link – Magnets Of All Shapes.

Distributing these custom shaped magnets is simple and will definitely attract attention at all times. Having these custom magnets in every household in the community will guarantee you a year round advertising. Now, is that not amazing? So get yours today or call us at our toll free number – 855-762-4638.

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