Personalized Memorial Car Magnets – You have variety of choices

Memorial Day is a US Federal Holiday and it is generally observed on the last Monday of Friday. This day is dedicated to the memories of soldiers who laid their life for the country. People observe this occasion by visiting the memorials erected in honor of soldiers and by laying flowers at their grave.

This year you can make it special by choosing the memorial tokens in the form of personalized memorial car magnets. Now, here is the question, which type of magnets makes good choice for Memorial Day? Then, read through this blog because here we intend to discuss about some unique memorial car magnet options available –

  • Circle/Oval Magnets – They make a popular choice for Memorial car magnet. A circle/ oval shaped magnet can be easily customized with suitable image and message and can be utilized for Memorial Day promotions.This magnet makes an easy choice for printing the Memorial Day messages due to its authentic shape. It also looks good when offered s a refrigerator magnets.
  • Rectangle / Square Magnets – These magnets are the next popular choice for imprinting Memorial Day messages. They not only highlight the importance of the occasion but also serve us by looking authentic and great, when pitted against a car door. You can choose to select different magnets depending on the requirements.

Also, these rectangle/Square magnets and circle /oval magnets make a good choice for printing Memorial Day Posters.

Apart from the above mentioned common shaped magnets, people can also resort to –

  • Yellow Ribbon Magnets – Yellow is the color of mental freshness. It helps to tax our brain and it has got property to boost our thought process. This memorial day you can choose to utilize a yellow ribbon magnet for remembrance. You can customize this magnet suitably and pin it across the car doors in memory of the people who laid their lives for the country and for those soldiers who are still stationed at various war prone areas.
  • Picture Frame Magnets – They make unique choice for the Memorial Day magnet. The magnetic picture frames can be suitably personalized with images of a soldier /soldier whom you knew closely. When affixed against a car door, people will definitely have a look on it and they will also silently offer their prayers and condolences to the family of deceased.

With PMS, customers can choose the colors and images according to their personal preferences.

Today, the concept of Memorial Day has widened. People also take it as an opportunity to remember their dear ones, pets, and great personalities who died recently or some years back.

Feel free to explore our list of custom shape magnets of your choice or contact us.

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