Soar High With Our Balloon Shaped Magnets

In a world that has so many things going on, promotions popping up here and there, you need to find ways to increase your business visibility and eventually increase sales. As a business owner, how will you stand out when the market has become congested of promotions or advertisements? Aside from communicating to the people the unique selling propositionof your business, you need to charm people with your promotional tool in order to get their full attention. You might be wondering right now, what kind of promotional tool you should invest in? We have the answer! It is our Balloon Shaped Magnets. It is a customizable magnet that is cost effective and it delivers results.2.375x3.5 Custom Hot Air Balloon Shape Magnets 20 Mil

  • You need to study and present your strategy in a manner that will effectively help your sales soar high.
  • You need to have a valuable statement that you can imprint on our magnets. According to PPSAI, 83% of respondents like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message.
  • You need to have something to offer that no other business can and pair it with a uniquely shaped promotional tool and you are good to go. Each time you hand out these custom magnets you are already making a good impression.
  • You can invest in these custom magnets either if you are a start up business or established business.

Our custom magnets have been proven through the years as an effective tool that will help businesses increase their exposure and bring in new clients.The benefit of investing in these balloon shaped magnets is worth the expense and there is nothing to worry if you can afford it or not because these custom magnets are offered at the least possible price. We have one design that can be availed for as low as $0.08 and if you order these custom magnets in bulk today, you will get a discount plus another 10% off if it is your first time to order. Just enter our coupon code TWCMD10 at the check out page. Our great news does not end here! We offer free art design, shipping and there is no set-up charge.

Our balloon shaped magnets comes in four (4) styles and designs.

Just choose from any of our four designs because all of these custom magnets are made of high quality recycled materials.These willlet your promotional campaign last long andcan endure different weather conditions.So go ahead and put your imagination to work by ordering these custom magnets today.Make your promotional campaign fun, easy and within your budget.