What Makes Custom Magnets A Favorite Choice Of Everyone?

Custom magnets make a staple in most promotional campaigns as these are affordable, appealing and above all long lasting. Custom magnets are stuck to some of the most visible places that ensure regular logo impressions for your brand. Did you know that custom magnets ensure more visibility than a freeway billboard?1.75x1.87 Personalized Mouth Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Promotional magnets get stuck to some very unusual and amazing places including cars, refrigerators, filing cabinets and even on metal doors, tool kits and storage shelves! Well, that simply translates into a lot of visibility for your brand.

That’s not all! Custom magnets make excellent mailer campaign gifts as well as these are low in weight and high in popularity. Your recipients will have a pleasant surprise of their life when they see these logo gifts being delivered at their mail boxes.

Magnets even make a refrigerator décor item as people love to add a splash of colors to the otherwise bland and plain surfaces. Add to it the big plus of these custom magnets being doubling up as hold up for their little shopping lists and reminders.

So, if you are a marketer who likes to have a lot of brand exposure at a low investment, all you need to do is to look round at these high traffic spots where custom magnets get stuck.2.87x2.87 Custom Printed Cart Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Here are some more benefits of custom magnets that you might probably have not thought about

Portability: Magnets ensure the ultimate portability to your message. Be it on cars or on refrigerators these custom hand outs will put your business name right in front of your customer.

Mass promotions: Inexpensive and easy to distribute, custom magnets are well cut for tradeshows and other mass promotions like mailer campaigns to reach out to a large audience.

Budget friendly: Custom magnets win hands down as powerful promotional items for budget friendly campaigns and for small and medium organizations with promotional budget constraints.

Versatile: Magnets can be employed to promote any business with ease. Be it a pet care center, florist, spa or realtor, magnets make wonderful brand ambassadors for every business.

High retention: Magnets enjoy a high retention as most people do not trash these colorful and interesting logo items. You can add up to its value by adding a calendar, call to action, emergency numbers or first aid tips that will keep your audience in a regular dialogue with your brand.

A few Tips to make your custom magnets attractive

  • Visually Appealing : Attractive and colorful magnets will stay on the refrigerators of your recipients longer.
  • Informative: Imprint your logo, phone number and address on the magnet to make these custom items a ready reference for your customers. Every time they need a service or product like yours they will know where to look.
  • Customization options: Magnets are available in various shapes and sizes and are easy to customize. Choose shaped magnets that complement your message to make your promotions highly effective.