3 Brilliant Reasons To Invest In Promotional Magnets

Marketers often face a tough challenge in striking a perfect balance between a modest budget and a hugely popular custom handout while planning their promotions. Even in this age of digital marketing and social media campaigns, promotional products play an important role in growing a brand. Investing in promotional magnets is a smart choice because everyone loves magnets as fridge décor items or even a handy hold up for their shopping lists and reminders.

4x7 Custom Football Sport Schedule Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Versatile and popular, custom magnets are ideal to promote brands, build a buzz for businesses or even to spread awareness messages and a lot more. Available in a mind boggling range of models including calendar magnets, announcement magnets, sports schedule magnets and save the date magnets among others, custom magnets offer something special for every type of marketing campaign.

Budget friendly, light weight and compact, custom magnets are well suited for all types of mass promotions like mailer campaigns, tradeshows and store promotions.

Still on fence? Here are some solid reasons why you have to invest in custom magnets

  • Custom magnets open a dialogue with potential clients

Handing out magnets that are imprinted with your brand will make a great way to start a conversation. Getting a gift like an imprinted magnet that is both fun and functional will make the recipient feel happy and valued and as a result they may be more likely to be drawn to your brand.

  • Magnets have a high ROI

 Promotional magnets enjoy a very high retention, which means that they offer assured return on investment for the marketers. These attractive full color magnets will continue to make consistent impressions for a very long time at one time investment. Magnets are ridiculously cheap and when purchased in bulk it cost next to nothing! Just imagine the incredible brand exposure you get at one time investment of just a few cents!

  • High visibility

Promotional magnets will grab a permanent spot on the fridge doors and filing cabinets of the users and every time they see these logo items, they will be reminded of your brand and message. Traditional advertisements like newspaper ads and radio spots have only a very low shelf life , which means they get easily forgotten. Promotional magnets will continue to advertise for your brand till they stay in circulation. Magnets are hard to beat on value because nobody can discard these delightful magnets that will add a pop of color to the plain fridge doors and spaces.

If you have not used custom magnets as your promotional swag till now, it makes a great time or you to explore our collection of custom magnets that will never shy away from working hard for your brand promotion.