Best Ways to Customize Business Magnets

Custom magnets are unique marketing tools for all businesses as these can  display your message and make it easy for people to easily  identify with.

Available in various sizes and shapes, logo magnets can be customized to meet your specific promotional goals. For instance, custom car magnets draw the attention of motorists and other potential clients while you drive around. Fridge magnets on the other hand will take your brand into the living spaces of the audience  and keep your message in plain sight of your audience. Likewise Shaped magnets are a fun way to engage your audience with your products.

How can you  design the best custom magnets that attract clients.

Be Business first!

Ideally your custom magnets should convey all the important information that your audience may ever need. Make sure to include the basic essentials like company name, address and  products to know who you are . However to make it interesting, you can add a tagline or artwork that will stand out on these full color magnets. Make sure to keep your message short and crisp to get easy eyeballs of the audience. Adding your website link or QR code is another smart strategy to  improve your traffic.

Simplicity is the key

Too much information will only leave the audience confused. So, keep it straight and simple. Fitting in too much information on the tiny space may make your prospects miss the vital details while you miss out the promotional opportunity. Make your custom magnets as engaging as possible to  draw the attention of  maximum prospects. Whether you wish to make it fun, quirky or classic, well customized magnets will never fail to make heads turn.

Use the right font size

Choose the right sized fonts to make it easy for the audience to decipher your message easily. It is applicable especially for car magnets as your message should be visible from a distance from a moving vehicle. The golden rule is that the size of the magnet should match the available space. Choosing medium or small size fonts on car magnets will spoil your promotional strategy. After all you don’t want to end up with a custom magnet that no one can read.

Full-color graphics are the best

The best way to attract the attention of  your potential clients is to add full color artwork and information that will be easy for anyone to read on a moving car. Colorful displays will grab easy attention and your message will get a receptive audience wherever you go.

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