Bumper Sign Magnets – Great Visibility At Easy Rates

Bumper sign magnets make a smart way to keep your brand stand out while your customers are on the road! Motorists driving behind your car will peek out of their windows to take a second look at the message imprinted on these magnets.

Easy to place on your vehicle and even easier to remove, these durable bumper sign magnets are a great way to spread your message. Spread your message on the move as you drive around the city delivering products or attending sales calls. These full color magnets that pop out of your vehicles will grab easy attention even on busy roads and thoroughfares. Even when you are stuck in a traffic block, your brand will get the undivided attention of everyone around.

11.5x3 Custom Magnetic Car Bumper Sign Magnets

Highly mobile

Americans spend a large part of their active hours driving their cars. Be it  commuting, shopping or running daily errands, people spend a lot of time behind the wheels. So, can there be a better way to get their attention than these full color bumper magnets that will scream your message to everyone and make your brand stand out.

Bumper magnets are exciting handouts that not many people can resist.  Be it to announce special deals, grand openings, social events or something else, car bumper magnets will make a great choice. Not just cars, these vibrantly colored magnets will look good on bikes, boats, trucks or infact any vehicle that you may have.

3x12 Custom Car Sign Bumper Shape Magnets

Easy to reposition

The first and foremost reason why one would seek bumper magnets is that it ensures easy removal and reuse. You can stick them on car bumpers, filing cabinets, metal window frames and more to create a fresh look.  If you have a fleet of vehicles you can interchange magnets across the vehicles for a fresh appeal.

You can easily reposition bumper stickers if you are not satisfied with its initial placement. Just remove and reposition. It will also allow you to use it over other vehicles in your fleet.

12x12 Custom Tax Preparation Magnetic Car Bumper Auto Vehicle Signs

 Flexible advertising media.

Bumper magnets are great to advertise seasonal promotions and campaigns because these are budget friendly and easy to change as many times as possible unlike conventional promotional items like billboards that can be replaced only after a certain period of time. Marketers often come up with fresh ideas and these custom magnets make a great choice to update your advertisement from time to time.

12x18 Custom Veterinary Car Bumper Truck Sign Magnets

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