Calendar Magnets – The Smartest Brand Reminder You Can Think Of!

The basic success formula to remember in marketing is the moment your brand goes out of sight, you are out of mind of your customers as well! The audience has a short attention span by default and is easily distracted by the countless competitive brands vying for attention in the market. So to keep the brand right in front of the audience, you need custom gifts that stay and are popular. So, what is the best way to go about?

4.25x3.5 Custom House Shaped Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

2019 Calendar magnets will make a great choice to consider to make your prospects and the existing customers see your brand frequently. These full color magnets will grab the attention of not just the customers but anyone who sees it. The big plus is that custom calendar magnets occupy a strategic position on the fridge doors  and every time people access the fridge doors, they will see your brand and message. The more your brand seen the more will be their brand recall.

Limitless options

Custom calendar magnets are available in a range of models that will suit the specific needs of the audience. From school calendar magnets to house shaped magnets, announcement calendar magnets and calendar car magnets  and more, there is something special for every one. Choose premium quality full color magnets and customize it with your brand, New Year greetings or any other message to make it truly personal and special. Since it is a calendar, you are rest assured that anyone who sees it will take a look at some time or the other. Everyone needs calendars to plan their year ahead, to plan their schedules and more. Calendar magnets make a fabulous school promotional item as it makes it easy for the parents of the naughty kids to make them follow their school schedules easily.

Big or small, every business may need calendar magnets to attract more customers. Budget friendly and popular, calendar magnets make consistent brand impressions for a very long time without any repeat investment or effort. The low cost advantage of these custom magnets will make it a great choice for mass promotions like mailer campaigns or tradeshows.

Custom calendar magnets should ideally reach your target audience before the holiday rush to ensure that your brand will get the undivided attention of your brand. Calendars that reach the hands of your audience first will have a special place on their fridge doors and if you are late to send your custom magnets, the surprise element will be lost. Choosing custom calendar magnets as your swag is only half your job done; make sure to choose the right time to dispatch it for maximum impact and ROI.

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