Car Magnets Reinforce Your Advertisement Message

In many cities in the USA substantial hours are lost in traffic congestion as commuters are forced to spend a lot of time in traffic. For example, in Washington DC, commuters spend 166 hours in traffic a year, which makes it one of the most congested cities. Los Angeles is the most car dependent of the Top 10 cities, whereas cities like Boston use more of public transportation, walking or cycling. However , all cities , big or small experience rush hours and traffic jam.

3.5x8 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets

Being stuck in the traffic will be a boring ordeal for drivers as they stare at the vehicle in front of them, eagerly waiting for the car to move. Traffic  jam thus benefits smart businesses who have adopted custom car magnets for their fleet. Marketers can make use of this static time to highlight their promotional message among the road active audience and enhance their brand visibility. Full color car magnets are frequently adopted by businesses as these make impressive billboards that will take a brand’s vehicle marketing efforts to the next level. An attractive design with vibrant colors and engaging content will make car magnets really effective in capturing the attention of the audiences.

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According to a survey 76% of U.S. drivers most frequently park their vehicles by forward parking, which will leave the sides of the vehicle highly visible to drivers. Car magnets gain the advantage to promote the business and enhance its brand awareness. Especially suitable for home maintenance services,  landscaping agencies, plumbers and delivery services among others car magnets will get your message far and wide and  make strong new leads every day.

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Everyone will be tempted to take a closer look at the message imprinted on these vibrant full color magnets. Most people might even make a note of your contact details or visit the website on the move and if they find your services useful to them they will bookmark it to come back later. Car magnets are budget friendly and incredibly popular, which makes them great fund raisers and promotional items alike. Ideal for announcing special deals, grand openings and more, car magnets have a high level of visibility.

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Offered in various models, sizes and shapes, car magnets will complement your business line perfectly. Car magnets are simply great for awareness campaigns and  build up team spirit as well. Get your mascot, tagline or artwork imprinted on these magnets to promote or sponsor the team.

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