Custom Car Magnets – Let Your Brand Clock Extra Promotional Mileage

Car magnets add a fun pop of color to the vehicles and enhance your brand identity. These full color magnets made in USA will make an eye catching promotional billboard on wheels for businesses like home delivery services, maintenance services and more. Easy to apply, move or replace, custom car magnets are budget friendly promotional methods for businesses with a fleet of business vehicles.

Why car magnets

Imprinted car magnets make a perfect solution to promote your corporate identity and enhance the market reach in a subtle and interesting way. It is affordable and versatile, which makes them suitable for all types of brands and businesses. Anything imprinted on car magnets will never fail to grab the attention of your audience no matter whether the vehicle is on the move or stationery.

11.13x16.5 Custom Oval Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Here are some unbeatable advantages of car magnets that are hard to resist

Convenience – Custom car magnets will give you the ultimate advantage and convenience for you to change them at any time. Even if you are planning a short campaign, magnets will enable you to build up a buzz and spread the word as much as possible. . All you need to do is simply attach these magnets to your car and remove after the campaign gets over. The best part is that if you wish to make use of all the vehicles in your fleet you can move around the magnets as you please to optimize the brand visibility and market reach.

Budget friendly –These custom magnets enjoy a low price advantage that makes them ideal for all types of events and mass promotions. Often marketers end up spending a lot on their promotional items yet fail to make any ROI (return on investment). Lucky for you, car magnets have very low cost of impressions as they continue to make valuable brand imprints all its life without any repeat effort or investment. Starting at prices of just a few cents, these logo items will help you reach your target market on a very low investment.

Easy to Customize: Vehicle magnets are available in a range of sizes and models, which allows you to place your design and message in the most interesting way. The full color magnets set a perfect backdrop for your message and will let your creative juices flow. Put your brand, artwork or tagline to engage your audience with your brand on the move and see how heads turn! Designed to last long and look good even in the most hostile weather conditions, car magnets will make a trusted aid in your marketing campaign.

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