Custom Magnets – Get Great Promotional Power At Easy Rates!

Imprinted magnets have always been the favorite choice among mass marketers thanks to its high visibility and low cost. Full color magnets can be used to entice your audience to learn more about your brand.  Magnets enjoy a warm welcome and long retention among your audience, which means that you can engage your customers with your brand in a subtle manner without the obvious marketing pitch.

Customized magnets make their way to the high visibility spots at home or office including cars, filing cabinets or refrigerator doors. This means that a lot of people will see it and your brand image will go up manifold. Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions as they continue to make brand impressions without any repeat investment or effort.

After all, it’s rare for someone to remove magnets as they look good on their fridge doors and enhance its appeal. A well customized magnet will make a great talking topic as well because anyone who sees it will be interested to know more about the brand that handed out these visually appealing magnets.

Magnets are great branding tools, especially because of their higher perceived value and incredible popularity among people. However, remember to come up with a compelling design, a mascot or a tagline to present your brand in an interesting manner. You will need to be quite a bit more creative to make sure your magnets will get a lot of attention and facetime.

Here are some interesting ways to customize magnets

As discount coupons

Magnets can be imprinted with QR codes, discount coupons or festive offers that will generate a lot of interest among the audience. Choose shaped magnets that complement your product line to grab easy attention. For instance can there be a better way to talk about pizzeria than a magnet that is shaped like a pizza slice? The easily recognized shapes will get registered in the minds of the audience easily and quickly than any promotional text.

1.62x3.75 Custom Baby Bottle Shaped Magnets 25 Mil

As rewards

Magnets will make an interesting reward item for your existing customers. Every time they see these logo items they will develop a positive impression about your brand and make it easy for them to advocate your brand. Magnets can stir off word of mouth publicity easily because nobody can resist the idea of talking about these interesting handouts. These highly attractive full color magnets often change hands, which in turn will take your brand to a wider and newer audience.

As mailer gifts

Light weight and flat, custom magnets will make great mailer gifts that everyone will love to get delivered in their mail boxes. These make great choices to announce deals, spread messages and to stay connected with your audience. Calendar magnets will make a great mailer item during the holiday season to drive up the pace and pulse of your New Year promotions as they ensure 365 days of brand exposure, which means your recipients are more likely to return for your services or recommend you to their friends, family members.

4x5.25 Custom Mini Magnetic Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

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