Custom Magnets Make Powerful Fund Raisers

If you are looking for a proven fund raising item for your non- profit organization, consider a customized magnet. Add any message you need to spread the word and get the attention of prospective donors. People are happy to give and support a social cause; when you give your donors custom magnets imprinted with the message of your fundraising event, it will make them feel special and valued by highlighting their social commitment.

AIDS Awareness Day Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Magnets last Forever

Imprinted magnets are never discarded and your recipients will retain it for a long time. Tangible and durable magnets will make lasting reminders of your social cause and will inspire the prospects to continue to support your organization in future as well

These full- color,factory direct magnets will enjoy a proud display in homes and offices, and your contact information imprinted on fund raising magnets will be seen by dozens of people every day. It will help in your ongoing fund raising efforts as well.

Eye catching and interesting, magnets that stand out from the refrigerator door will make a great conversation piece. Your recipients will be excited to tell their friends about your organization, your cause, and your need for donations, thereby setting off word of mouth publicity. Made in USA from high quality stock material, these custom magnets will represent your brand image the best way possible and will never look cheap.

Awareness Magna Phrase Magnets 25 Mil

Consistent Exposure

People put a magnet on a refrigerator where it stays for years! The repeat exposure and consistent impressions that turns into brand loyalty is what makes magnets exceptional. Most conventional advertisements like brochures and flyers cannot match this high level exposure enjoyed by promotional magnets.

Printed Paw Print Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Eye catchy
Custom refrigerator magnets or car magnets are never missed so is your fundraising awareness message! When you display your magnets on a refrigerator door in a high traffic area, your message will get a lot of attention from everyone around. Thus even if you might have handed out your magnet to just one individual, your message will reach a wider audience and grabs the attention of a fresh set of people every day.

Printed Awareness Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Low Minimum and Great Profit Margin

 Custom magnets ensure assured return on your investment due to its low price factor. The low order minimum quantity is another big plus that small and medium non profits will find useful. You can order the exact quantity of products you need.

Ready to order your custom fundraiser magnets? The simple ordering process will help you get started right away!