Five Fabulous Advantages Of Custom Magnets

Custom magnets have always been popular promotional handouts among businesses thanks to its ever increasing popularity and budget friendly features. We all have custom magnets on our cupboards and refrigerators. Apart from adding a blob of color and personality to the bland surfaces, custom magnets make high visibility billboards for your brand and message.

7x4 Custom Football Shape Sport Schedules Magnets 20 Mil

Custom magnets can be used to promote businesses, awareness events and call to action. Personalize these with your brand name, message or custom design in the theme color of your company for added impact. You can even use magnetic business cards that will never get trashed unlike its paper counterparts. No matter how you choose to employ custom magnets in your promotions, the bottomline is that these will make countless impressions during its life span and will never fail to grab the attention of people around.

Before you place your bulk orders for custom magnets, take a closer look at the five fabulous advantages of custom magnets.

  1. Budget friendly: Custom magnets are one of the lowest priced handouts you can consider for bulk promotions like mailer campaigns and tradeshows. As these are manufactured in bulk, these have the lowest costs per impressions, which make it a perfect choice for budget promotions. Magnets are way cheaper than most other conventional advertising methods like print and electronic media advertisements.
  2. Visually appealing: Magnets will never fail to grab the attention of your target customers as these have a quirky charm. Personalize these with interesting artwork, taglines and quotes and encourage your customers to take a closer look at your brand and message on these.
  3. Handy: Magnets are easy to store and hand out to people as these are light weight and compact. Just right for the mailing envelopes or the bags or totes of your recipients, these logo items will always look bright and beautiful on those refrigerator doors and filing cabinets, which will also double up as a handy place to hold up the shopping lists or the kids’ artwork. Every time they check on these or open the fridge doors, your brand on these magnets will grab the attention of everyone around. Unlike some other custom hand outs, people will find these magnets highly useful. Often these make interesting talking topics among the guests at home of the recipients as these brilliantly colored and well customized magnets are something that is hard to miss.
  4. Brand promotion: Regular impressions enhance the brand recall. On an average, people open their fridge doors 20 times a day and just imagine the exposure your brand on these fridge magnets will get. Choose from a range of custom magnets including save the date magnets, calendar magnets, sports schedule magnets and shaped magnets among a lot more. Magnets also make excellent fund raising items as these are low in cost and high in popularity. These can be sold at a higher price to raise funds for your cause.
  5. Souvenirs: Magnets make interesting souvenirs that people love to retain. It is a great way to celebrate milestones, to promote events and to spread awareness messages. Custom magnets also make great corporate handouts and motivational tools during company events and anniversaries. They will love to retain it as a memorabilia of their success, which in turn will motivate them to work even harder.

Apart from the above five benefits, do you have anything more to add to the list of advantages that custom magnets enjoy? We would love to hear from you.