How Custom Magnets Make Great Handouts For Dental Clinics

The US dental care industry is highly fragmented sector with over 154,000 practices as on 2011. Dental care industry has maintained a steady growth all through and even the escalating treatment costs and a slow economy have not been a deterrent for the patients. So, these promotional magnets ill surely play a big role in enhancing your customer base.1.75x2.25 Custom Printed Tooth Shape Magnets 20 Mil

High marketing potential at low price
The low price factor and the massive imprint area is what make logo magnets a trusted choice. There are not many promotional items that can offer an imprint area as wide as this at such a low rate.

Custom Magnets make Great Reminders
Everyone loves to have these colorful magnets on their refrigerator doors or filing magnets as a hold up for their shopping lists or kids’ artwork! Every time they open their fridge doors, these logo magnets will catch the attention of your recipients and will be reminded of your message.

Logo imprinted magnets can serve as useful reminders of the products and services that your business provides, especially to remind them of their check up dates and the range of dental services you offer. Recent studies show that a staggering 23% of adults are not sure whether to have a regular dental visit within the next year. These customized magnets will help to sway the undecided group of customers by reminding them of your message and by encouraging them to make an appointment right away!2.25 Inch Custom Circle Shape Magnets 25 Mil

Magnets are portable
Light weight and easy to distribute, logo magnets fare well as tradeshow hand outs and mass mailer campaign items. Magnets are small enough for a handbag or purse and these do not require much storage space as well. So, even if you have a surplus stock of these custom magnets you can easily keep it for the upcoming events.

Something special for everyone
Custom magnets are easy to personalize to suit your business theme. For marketers trying to promote their dental care centers can check out these tooth shaped magnets. The unique shape of these magnets will easily convey your promotional message. Check out these tooth shaped car magnets that will pack a punch to your outdoor campaigns and dental care awareness campaigns. These 1.75×2.25 Custom tooth shape magnets will allow you to tear down the competition in no time and can be used to promote orthodontic offices, oral surgeons, dentists and other dental related services. Imprint your logo and message on these outdoor car magnets that can be stuck on the car door or bumper to ensure an amazing portability for your brand.

Be it the customary rectangle, oval or circle shaped magnets or die cut magnets, these logo magnets will ensure a long term exposure as magnets are something hard to resist. Tooth shaped magnets is a unique and interesting way to convey the unique services that you offer without having to resort to a lengthy advertisement. The best part is that these logo magnets will enjoy a high retention as everyone will love these magnets for their unique shape and will retain it as keepsakes.

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