How Custom Magnets Play a Key Role in Business Promotions

We all have logo magnets on our fridge doors , cupboards and infact any metallic surfaces. They just don’t add a pop of color to the otherwise plain surface but also make eye catching advertisement for your brand. Your recipients can also use these strong magnets as a handy hold up for their reminders and shopping lists.

Immensely popular and versatile, custom magnets can be used to promote all types of businesses and brands. Light weight and compact, magnets are easy to store and distribute as well. Custom magnets make a high visibility visiting card that your recipients will never lose sight of!

Here are some of the benefits of custom magnets in your business promotions.

  1. Budget friendly: Custom magnets  have one of the lowest costs per impressions. Costing just a few cents, magnets make a budget friendly method of advertising unlike print and electronic media advertisements. Once you customize a magnet, your brand will get consistent impressions without any repeat effort or investment.
  2. Magnets make great souvenirs: Magnets can be used as special gifts to celebrate milestone celebrations and special events. Customize them with the special message and inspirational message to make your employee brand pride. These can also be distributed to your regular clients to express your thanks to them and make them well appreciated.
  3. Eye catching:  Full color magnets are a great way to grab attention of your targeted customers. Every time your recipients see these logo magnets they will not just be reminded about your products but will be motivated to try your products.
  4. Easy to distribute : Magnets win hands down as promotional items for mass events like tradeshows and business events as these are light weight and compact. These won’t take up much space either in warehouses or on your recipients desks. Magnets are something everyone likes to use in homes or office. Every time they see your brand and message on these, they will indulge in a friendly dialogue with your business without any marketing pitch.
  5. Limitless options: From save the date magnets to shaped magnets, car magnets or sports schedule magnets, sky is indeed the limit for marketers who wish to use custom magnets as their marketing tools. Choose a model that suits your theme and budget and earn the undivided attention of everyone around.
    4x7 Custom Printed Basketball Sport Schedules Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners
  6. Versatile: Custom magnets are well suited for all types of brand promotions and events. These logo items will never look out of place in any setting and will never fail to impress any demographics or age groups. Magnets have a fun element in them that will easily make the recipients happy. Your brand on them will easily become their favorite talking topic in the days ahead. Anything imprinted on these logo magnets will reach a wider audience than you envisaged.