How Magnetic Handouts Attract Customers

Who doesn’t like freebies? By choosing gift ideas that are practical, marketers can easily drive up their brand visibility. However, a lot of time and effort goes into choosing custom gifts that all your recipients will treasure for long. For instance, choosing a custom T shirt that is of the wrong size or color will do more bad than good to your brand promotion. So, the golden rule of running a successful campaign is to choose gifts that are interesting and practical all at once; and that is where custom magnets will come to the bigger picture.4.06x3.75 Custom Cupcake Shape Magnets 20 Mil

A promotional magnet enjoys a permanent place on the refrigerator doors of your recipients for a very long time. Every time they open the doors, your logo on these will grab their attention. The best part is that custom magnets often double up as a handy hold up for all their shopping lists and daily reminders and every time they check on their errands, your message will catch their attention. No matter whether it is in a gym locker, the back of a car or the office cubicle, logo magnets enjoy premium visibility.

Wondering how to include custom magnets in your forthcoming marketing plan? Here are a few examples.

Sports Schedule Magnets
Sports schedule magnets are delightful options to put your logo into countless hearts and homes of your recipients. You can choose from a range of options including football or baseball themed magnets and every sport fan in your client list will surely appreciate having a calendar of the home team’s schedule right in front of their eyes. Choose sports shaped magnets that are shaped like baseball or football for added impact and you are rest assured that your logo and information on these will never fail to grab the attention of the customers around.3 Inch Custom Soccer Ball Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Kitchen Conversion Magnets
Looking for a subtle way to get the word out? Check out these kitchen conversion magnets. Choose food shaped magnets and imprint your logo and message and a handy kitchen conversion table that will make all their baking and cooking sessions easy and hassle free. Let’s be frank about it! How many of us remember the number of cups in a quart or the teaspoons in a tablespoon? Not many unless of course you are a master chef, who need to know all the measurements by heart. These kitchen conversion magnets will surely ensure regular brand impressions as people in general spend a lot of time in their kitchen chores. These make perfect options to promote restaurants, hotels and pizzerias among others.

Emergency Numbers Magnet
Show your clients that you care for them by handing out these emergency service magnets. Imprint your logo and message and the frequently used numbers like police, poison control, veterinarian and much more, which will make these magnets a ready reference guide. Every time, your recipients see these logo magnets, they will be reminded of your business.