Little Known Facts About Picture Frame Magnets – And Why They Matter

Memories can be cherished for life in the form of a picture. Photos taken can only be saved when it is placed on a frame. Picture frames have been made in order to preserve pictures and so that pictures can be passed on from generation to generation. Picture frames were also made in order to protect photos from dirt or moist that might deteriorate the picture. Pictures are captured memories of events and stories in one’s personal life. People always use them to keep memories framed and secured.3.5x4.5 Custom Photo Frame Apple Punch Magnets 20 Mil

As a business owner, do you know that you can take advantage of picture frames as well? We at, have come up with our very own Picture Frame Magnets. We want to help business owners establish their names in the households of existing clients and prospects. We believe this is the perfect and affordable way to do so.

Do you know why these custom magnets matter? We have listed a few reasons below.

  1. Picture frames are often the ideal gift since almost everyone loves to display their fondest memory on a frame. These will be gladly accepted by those you hand it out to.
  2. It will not only promote your company but it will become useful to the recipients. Surely when they receive this, they will make use of it since everybody loves to have their picture displayed and framed. According to a study, 92% of the people surveyed keep a promotional product due to its usefulness.
  3. Since picture frames are made to preserve pictures then the chances of these custom magnets being thrown away is very low. If pictures will be kept for a long time so it goes with these custom magnets as well. If those who will receive it will make use of it then the longer this magnet will stay in the household and the longer your business name will also be promoted.

In total, we have 48 products under the picture frame magnet category but we have listed a few samples below. These custom magnets are perfect for business owners, agents or anyone who wants to give out a unique party invitation.

Give something to clients and prospects that will not be too heavy for your pocket and something that creates a great impact and recall of your business. These picture frame magnets are the perfect investments that you surely do not want to miss.

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