Know What Our Car Magnetic Signs Can Do To Your Business Today

Have you been planning to promote your business in order to increase sales and customer base? Does your business need more exposure yet you do not have a big budget to do it? Well, we have an excellent way to give your business exposure at the same time that is light on your pocket. We gladly introduce our Car Magnetic Signs.24x12 Custom Real Estate Magnetic Car Sign Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Our car magnetic signs:

  • Enables you to advertise wherever you go
  • Establishes your business
  • Large enough to have your business information printed clearly on it
  • Made of high quality recycled material in order to withstand diverse weather conditions
  • UV safe

These car magnetic signs will convert your vehicle into a moving signage. You do not really have to spend more money to reach a lot of people. Our car magnetic signs will be a one-time investment that will last for years.

No doubt that this type of promotion has been proven effective. Based on a study conducted by American Trucking Association, 91% of people were able to recall the marketing message on a vehicle sign and 75% formed an impression of the company based on the message.

Here are a few tips though that we highly recommend in order to make these car magnetic signs become an effective promotional tool as possible.

  1. Display your contact information.
    The main reason why you invest in these custom magnets is for people to be able to know your existence and for you to be able to spread your business information. Now, when you order these custom magnets the very important thing that you need to have imprinted on these magnets is your business information. Once you drive around the city and people will see your contact information they will eventually take a picture of it or record it on their phonebook for future reference.
  2. Make it simple.
    We highly recommend that the information or design you should choose should be simple so that on lookers will understand whatever information you have on your magnets. You can choose to use simple fonts instead of those stylish ones to assure that every person glancing at the magnet can understand and read it.
  3. Right color combinations.
    The idea is to catch the attention of onlookers and what other better way do it is to use the right color combinations. If you plan to go for darker colors with your business details then you can choose a lighter color for the background so that everyone will find it easy to read. This will highlight your business details and draw the attention of the people directly to your business information.

If it is your first time to order today, we will gladly give you a 10% off. Planning to order it in wholesale? We can give you also a discount. Free shipping, free art set-up and free art assistance will be given as well. These custom magnets are so affordable and are ideal for either short term or long term promotional campaigns.

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