How Shaped Magnets Drive Up Your Impressions

Promotional magnets have been around for  long. But what makes these logo items different from many other giveaways is the incredible shapes , sizes and models in which printed magnets are offered. If  you fancy a fun twist in your promotions, look no further than shaped custom magnets. Available for both outdoor and indoor use, these are designed to make heads turn!


Here are some models in custom shaped magnets  that you will find interesting.

Telephone Shaped Magnet: Impossible to overlook, telephone shaped magnets will make sure that your recipients will call you the first- when they need your services. Choose from various models including double sided magnets to optimize your branding potential.

Small Telephone Shaped Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

Pizza Magnet: who doesn’t love pizza? These full color pizza magnets is the best way to make your audience reminded of your tasty pizzas on offer.

Pizza Slice Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Paw Shape Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil : These outdoor safe, car magnets are perfect options to promote pet care services and other pet themed events. These cute paw print magnets will get a  lot of attention and love from everyone around

Paw Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

 #1 Shaped Magnet: Show that they are your first priority by handing out these # 1 shaped magnets and reinforce your position as the market leader.

1 Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Trash Can Shape Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil: Highlight your ecofriendly credentials and spread awareness about recycling  with these trash can shaped magnets. Ideal for non profits and community organizations that wish to  play their  part in making this planet sustainable.

Trash Can Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

House Shape Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil: Realtors will find these house shaped magnets a great way to announce new projects and reach out to their audience. Apply it on different vehicles in your fleet to add a fresh appeal to your promotions every time.

House Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

Football Helmet Shape Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil: Can there be a better way to celebrate football and the high pitch excitement that comes with the football season  than these full color magnets. The easily recognized shape of these magnets will make  a great game day souvenir for sure while promoting your brand!

Football Helmet Shape Magnets

Pencil Shaped School Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil: Just in time for back to school events, pencil shaped magnets will make a great marketing tool to consider. Spread the word using these quirky magnets that kids and teachers can easily relate to and stand out in the competition.

Pencil Shaped School Magnets

How do you plan to use shaped magnets to shape up your promotions? You can count on us for the most trending custom shaped magnets.

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