How to Effectively Customize Awareness Car Magnets

With the flu season spiraling into coronavirus safety concerns, this is an appropriate time to handout custom flu awareness magnets to nip the virus early.  Awareness magnets not only get your message stick with the community or your employees, but will make the recipients socially committed. Motivate people to put in a sincere effort both at home and the workplace.

Our complete line of flu and coronavirus awareness magnets customized with your logo and safety tips will make a great handout to consider. These custom awareness car magnets will make great fund raising items, store promotional handouts or even mailer items. Designed to last long, these UV safe , factory direct magnets that are made in the USA will go a long way in bolstering your goodwill as well.

Coronavirus Prevention Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil Square Corners

Car magnets are one of the most effective and budget friendly forms of advertising to reach out to a mass audience at one go. All you need to do is stick these vibrantly colored magnets on your vehicles as your drive around. Non profits, health volunteers and community health care centers can all consider using these magnets to make people aware of the risks and prevention of flu.

Here are some customization tips that will make your vehicle awareness magnets work more for your promotional dollars.

Let your Logo Stand out!

Make sure to get your logo and contact information imprinted on the magnets along with the awareness tips. It’s important that your audience know who you are and what you can offer them immediately. Make your message short and memorable to make it stick to their minds.

4x7 Custom Coronavirus Prevention Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil Square Corners

Make it visually appealing

Car magnets have to be ideally colorful and attention- grabbing considering the fact that these sit on a moving vehicle.  Only if the fonts are bold and big enough and brightly colored will it grab the eyeballs of other motorists and pedestrians.  An attractive and colorful custom magnet will easily be a tempting reason for your recipients to stick these magnets on their cars to add a distinct identity. Make your awareness tips and business message bold and visible, so that you don’t miss out on potential customers.

5x9 Custom Printed Coronavirus Prevention Outdoor & Car Magnets 55 Mil Square Corners

Choose from various convenient models including extra thick 55 Mil car magnets that stick firmly on even speeding vehicles. All these awareness vehicle magnets are UV safe and designed to look good and withstand the adverse weather elements with ease.  Inspire and motivate your audience to support an important social cause by handing out these magnets that will encourage people to make a difference in the community. Shop right away!

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