How To Use Custom Car Magnets For Brand Promotions

Car door magnets are potential promotional tools for marketers. These make temporary billboards for brands that allow businesses to use them on different vehicles. Add to it the big plus that custom car magnets are easy to use; have little maintenance and will ensure consistent impressions at easy rates. Car magnets won’t hinder you from entering restricted areas where advertising is not permitted as these can be removed easily.

11.13x16.5 Custom Car Sign Oval Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Personalized car magnets are not just for promoting your brand. These can be made into a funny billboard with jokes or motifs to spice up your holiday season promotions or to announce deals. These full color magnets will get your message across easily. 12×12 Custom Car Door Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners make an eye popping option to grab those eyeballs. These massive car magnets can be used to promote all types of businesses like realtor services or law firms as these can be easily customized with information, artwork and more. These will add a speck of color and character to your cars as well.

Shaped car magnets

If you need something other than the customary round and square shaped magnets, you can explore our range of shaped magnets including ribbon shaped, football shaped, paw shaped or ribbon shaped among others. Choose an appropriate shape for your event and see how these logo items will grab instant attention. Shapes and images are noticed more quickly than text. So, if you wish to convey your business message without having to depend on tons of information, then you should consider these shaped magnets.

Magnets make excellent fund raising items

Custom magnets are cost effective, which means that these make excellent fund raising items for everyone. There can’t be a better way to raise money for a school or local charity. People will surely buy these interesting items to support and sponsor non-profit groups or schools. These are long lasting souvenirs and symbols of social commitment which makes your donors feel special and part of this cause.

Magnets can also be used as school spirit items. Imprint the school name and logo on these to make items of immense pride. Everytime the parents and students see these logo items on their work desks or filing cabinets, they will have a sense of pride and commitment. It will surely encourage your recipients to purchase a new one next time you have a fundraiser.

Custom magnetic car signs make powerful custom items to promote your brand, to show support or spread awareness. Browse our collection of car magnets to choose an item that matches your budget and needs. Should you need any tips or assistance, we are only a call away.