How To use Custom Real Estate Magnets To Sell Homes

Real estate agents who may be looking for new clients, more listings and more sales will find real estate magnets a great choice.  These make great mailer gifts in your mailer campaigns that you may be using to showcase new featured homes and take your promotions to the next level.

Real estate magnets are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to offer something special for everyone. House shaped magnets are the obvious choice considering the easily recognized shape these magnets have. It will evoke curiosity in your audience and encourage them to give your brand a try. These make great talking topics as well.

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How real estate magnets help in marketing property and realtor deals.

  1. Boost ROI with target marketing

If you have been sending business mailers to the entire community with little effect, it is time to plan a targeted promotion. Real estate magnets make it easy for you to target potential real estate clients. Make sure to target people who are likely to buy or sell a home soon and reach out to them with custom real estate magnets.

 Keep an eye on the trends in your community, the purchase patterns or a noticeable shift in a specific neighborhood. Make use of these trends to schedule your mailer marketing for best results

Look for new opportunities like housing development projects in your city and send mailers to people in the appropriate demographics. If you seen an overwhelming trend of multiple homes  being bought or sold in a given area, find out the reason and make sure to connect with these neighborhoods.

Smart targeting will ensure the best value for your money and greater results and enhanced ROI. Often a well targeted precise promotion is much more effective and result oriented than a massive campaign.

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  1. Address the pain points of your customers

Real estate magnets make a smart way to spread the word about your specialized services and deals that you offer. Tell your audience how you can address the pain points and help the prospective buyers the best property Budget friendly and incredibly popular, these full color magnets make great handouts during open houses as well.

Customize magnets with your contact details, special deals etc to pique quick interest. Make sure to highlight your specialized services like luxury homes, commercial investment properties or rental properties to drive a target audience to your brand. Do you cater exclusively to buyers or sellers? Make sure to share this information as well on these magnets.

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  1. Add a power packed CTA

Highlight a call to action message that prompts the clients and create a desire to take the next step in the home buying or selling process. You can also include a URL that leads to a virtual tour. It will encourage the users to move to the next step in finding their home instead of putting it off yet again.

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 Looking for more tips on real estate magnets to market your realtor services?  Contact our product experts and they will come up with the best custom plans and products that work for you!