Independence Day Magnets – Give A Unique Style to Your 4th of July Promotions

The Independence Day on 4th of July is a national event that brings together Americans like no other! It makes a great time to flaunt the nationalist pride and to honor the love of this great country, which is one of the world’s oldest democracies.

Interestingly July 4th is not just a time to show off the national flag colors of red, blue and white and the star and stripe patterns but has become one of the major marketing events of the year for business owners. Like the Superbowl, Christmas or Thanks Giving, Independence Day celebrations have become a red letter day in the marketing calendars of marketers. Consumers too are not leaving anything to chance when it comes to their celebrations. Reports show that the spending on Fourth of July events merchandise have shown a steady increase of over 50% and this year it is only expected to go up further.

So, if you are planning a tradeshow or a mass mailer campaign on the 4th of July theme, these Independence Day Magnets will make a perfect choice. Budget friendly, long lasting and attractive, these logo magnets will enjoy a long retention as 4th of July memorabilia for a very long time.

These can be employed to promote schools, non- profit organizations, awareness campaigns and more.

Blurb Shaped Independence Day Magnets 20 Mil: Imprint your logo, artwork or Independence Day thoughts on these unique blurb shaped custom magnets. Apart from product promotions, these can be effectively used for election campaigns and as employee gifts and tokens.2.5x3.5 Custom Blurb Shaped Independence Day Magnets 20 Mil

Flag Shaped Independence Day Magnets 20 Mil People will surely love to display these flag shaped magnets on their refrigerators, filing cabinets or even on their cars. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how these logo magnets will make lasting reminders of your brand.2.75x3 Custom Flag Shaped Independence Day Magnets 20 Mil

Star Shape Independence Day Magnets 20 Mil Show off the nationalist pride and the freedom spirit in true style on these star shaped magnets. Your recipients will surely love to have these delightfully shaped magnets in their collection, which will double up as engaging conversation topics in their friends circle.3x3.13 Custom Star Shape Independence Day Magnets 20 Mil

Custom Independence Day Oval Shape Magnets 20 Mil: These oval shaped magnets will have ample space for your logo and message. Every time someone sees these attractive magnets, these will surely set off a word of mouth publicity for your brand.5x3 Custom Independence Day Oval Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Browse our comprehensive collection of Independence Day magnets and plan a marketing campaign in this popular holiday theme. A bit of creativity with a speck of red, blue and white colors can all make your promotions hit the roof this season. Shop right away!