Interesting Ways to Use Stickers in Branding Campaigns

 The nondescript items of stickers might not ring a bell as promotional items for most people. It may appear more like a play item for kids and a fun way to decorate your bags or cabinets. However, if you haven’t given a serious thought of making custom stickers as your promotional items you could be losing out a lot.

Custom stickers are affordable and highly effective tools for enhancing your brand popularity. Offered in various shapes and sizes, stickers will add a fun twist to even a low key promotion and pack an element of curiosity in your promotions. Get  your brand message far and wide in ways that other marketing tools just can’t with these interesting handouts.

Innovative Ways To Use Custom Stickers In Business Promotions

As product labels

Stickers can be used to design serial labels for your products. Include bar codes, serial number labels and more that can easily stick to any surface and can be removed when required with least mess.

Product Packaging

Custom stickers can effectively be used to decorate product packages. Choose stickers in assorted shapes and colors to make your product packages look more interesting.A unique product packaging will go a long way in impressing the customers in today’s world of Instagram obsessed populace.

Brand Information

Custom stickers can easily serve as business cards that can provide essential information about your business including contact information or web site url that makes it easy for your prospects to contact you.

Promote special offers

Whether it is discounts or special offers, custom stickers make an excellent way to highlight your promotional offers. These colorful stickers will never fail to get the attention of people around and will create increased awareness.

Box seals

Wow your customers every time they open the product boxes. No matter whether you wish to get these stickers imprinted with smiley emoticons, thank you messages or something extra, stickers as box seals will indeed make a great move. A sticker with your brand logo on a  packaged box will enhance the professional identity of your brand easily.

Build Team spirit

Custom stickers can boost team spirit as these will look great on employee uniform items like          t-shirts or hats. It will not just make your team look cool in events and conventions but will make them feel united as a team and proud to show off the company logo.

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