Paper Business cards Vs Magnetic cards- infographics

Business cards make the most impressive way to introduce your brand and products to your customers. Make your first hand shake the best by leaving a lasting impression with well designed business cards. Statistics show how paper cards are being gently replaced by the smarter counterparts of business card magnets that will never get trashed or misplaced.

Paper Business cards Vs Magnetic cards

See how business card magnets outsmart paper cards in many departments.

In tradeshows

Tradeshows draw large crowds and allow businesses to reach out to a massive audience. Your business cards will be the big ticket to a long lasting business relation. A lot of paper cards may get lost after the show, which makes it impossible for your customers to find you when they need your products the next time. Business card magnets on the other hand will stay safe on their refrigerator and give 40 daily exposures, enhancing your brand recall.

14.7% people who get a promotional product contact the giver

Statistics show that 14.7% of people who got a promotional product will contact the giver. Business card magnets will ensure a high level of exposure for your brand and influence the purchasing decision of the customers whereas paper cards may get lost or torn easily.


Magnetic business cards are something that will be used again and again. Be it as fridge décor or a hold up for their reminders, magnets will draw a lot of attention and your brand will get its fair share of publicity. Paper cards on the other hand get shoved into the wallet or the desk drawers never to be found!


Business card magnets on the refrigerator will be seen over 40 times day by your recipients every day. Imagine the visibility that your brand gets on magnets while the paper business cards lie forgotten in the filing cabinet or purse. Business card magnets indeed ensure 24 x 7 brand exposure!

Customization options

Magnetic business cards offer countless customization options to suit your promotional theme. For instance you can imprint sports schedule, calendars, menu or anything that you want whereas paper card carry just the basic details!

More value for your money

Get more value for your promotional buck by choosing business card magnets that have a high perceived value. Magnetic cards last long and continue to make consistent brand impressions for a long time thereby ensuring more value for your money.

Mailer campaigns

Light weight and compact, business card magnets are well suited for mailer campaigns whereas paper cards are not. Send business card magnets along your holiday promotional deals or newsletters to keep them reminded about your brand right into the New Year.

Can you think of more advantages of business card magnets that make them better than old fashioned paper cards in your business promotions? Tell us in the comments section to join the conversation.