Popular Logo Magnets for Retail Events

Summer has arrived;  A new season is also about planning new business strategies. It will pique interest in the minds of the audience and will make your brand part of their summer marketing plan.

Here are some models in custom magnets that will put your brand in plain view of your audience.

Football  Schedule Magnets

Invest in an engaging promotional tool of football schedule magnets that last all season. It is a cost effective way for you to make your brand stay in front of the audience.  Great to promote any type of businesses, these budget friendly handouts are here to stay forever. It is especially ideal for sports bars, and restaurants that cater to the game fans that are food lovers.

These full color football schedule magnets will stand out from the fridge doors of your prospects; and will make a great talking topic in their friends circles. Every time they open the fridge doors to grab food and drink, they will get engaged with your brand in a light hearted way. Popular all round the year, sports magnets will especially make a hot choice during the NFL season of September to January.

Business Card Magnets

Low in cost yet high in visibility, business card magnets make a must- have item in the arsenal of marketers. One of the best selling models in custom magnets, business card magnets can be used to promote all types of businesses. Further, it will make a smarter counterpart of ordinary paper cards; because these will never get misplaced. As these remain securely on the fridge doors; your contact information will remain in plain view of the audience all through its shelf life.

Shaped magnets

Think beyond the ordinary models like Square and rectangle shaped magnets; by making these unusual magnets in a wide range of shapes that will reflect your products.  For instance,  can there be a better way to promote a cake shop than these full color cup cake shaped magnets? Moreover, every time your customers see these tempting magnets on their fridge doors, they will surely place that repeat order.

So, if you are looking for something that really stands out, look no further than custom shaped magnets. Available in various shapes, these magnets are available at ridiculously low prices.

Car magnets

Incredibly popular and portable, car magnets will obviously take your message across long distances. Available in various sizes and shapes, these magnets will take your message right where your target audience is; to get their undivided attention. Ideal to promote brands or even to raise fund for social causes, car magnets will also look great on all types of vehicles.

So, which of these magnets are you planning to make your marketing tool? Share your thoughts with us on our facebook page.

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