Promoting Your Brand With Custom Magnets- A Few Tips

Custom magnets are tried and tested ways to put your message in front of people every day. An attractive full color magnet personalized with your name and logo will linger on for many years on fridge doors, cars, filing cabinets and more. Save the date magnets help your customers to remember your brand’s next event while car magnets make high visibility portable billboards for your brand.

3.5x2 Custom Business Card Magnets 20 Mil

Offered in a range of shapes and sizes, custom magnets ensure a personalized branding experience. Your message on these will impress the audience and make it easily visible among not just your primary audience but also anyone who sees it.

Business Card Magnets

Business card magnets are budget friendly means of introducing your business to your vendors and customers. These can be handed out at tradeshows and other business events to leave your first best impression. Visually appealing and well retained, magnetic business cards are seldom discarded when you hand these out at tradeshows and business events unlike ordinary paper cards. The incredible customization options offered by these custom magnets will let the creative juices of the marketers flow in style. Make your branding a work of art and make it stand out among the run of the mill business cards that are too plain or boring to leave an impression. Business card magnets make a constant reminder that you’re just a phone call away when your recipients need your products or services. Add to it the big plus that these logo items will make a great talking topic among anyone who sees it!

Car Magnets

A fun way to spread your message while on the move, custom car magnets are a rage. These will make a smart alternative to car wraps and decals and are budget friendly and easy to fix and take out. Car magnets will make a high visibility bill board for your event, services or social cause that can be taken out as and when needed unlike permanent car displays that could be damaging to the car paint. Car magnets are well suited for businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles because these can be removed and transferred to a different vehicle to make the most of the promotional potential of these logo items.

Shaped Magnets

Ever wished to have a magic formula to convey your message without any text or words? Look no further than custom shaped magnets that are offered in a range of interesting shapes like those shaped like vegetables, food items, fruits, sports items and more. Choose a custom gift that complements your product or services to ensure maximum impact. Shapes can really make your business stand out and be remembered!

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