Promotional Car magnetic signs – Cost Effective Marketing at its best

Planning an effective promotion is all about striking a fine balance between shopping for the most popular custom gifts and saving your  promotional dollars. If cost-effective marketing is your plan then look no further than these budget-friendly car magnetic signs.

Car magnets make a great promotional item to spend your advertising dollars. Your advertisement will be seen by scores of people 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Car magnets ensure more exposure over a longer period of time and have one of the lowest costs per impressions. While most conventional promotional items like billboards have set up and renewal charges, with car magnetic signs you need to pay only once and then it continues to work for you for free for many years.

The best part is that custom car magnets will keep your brand in plain view of your audience thereby garnering countless expressions. These magnets will easily endure the outdoor weather elements and can be used in every season throughout the year without the risk of any damage. Offered in a wide range of shapes, sizes and models, car magnets can be customized with your artwork, message or logo to get the undivided attention of people around.

Ready to get started with your own custom car magnets

Ribbon Shape Magnets: Have an awareness campaign on cards? Ribbon shape is the universal symbol of awareness of various diseases like cancer and AIDS among others. Make these well-recognized ribbon-shaped magnets your promotional handouts during fundraising campaigns and awareness drives. Anything imprinted on these will get a lot of attention for sure.

Custom Ribbon Shape Magnets

Ball Shaped Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets: Add a pop of color and fun to the car doors with these full-color magnets. Great as team spirit items, game day souvenirs or fundraisers for booster clubs.

Custom Ball Shaped Magnets

Rectangle Car Sign Magnets: Sleek and stylish, rectangle car magnets will ensure a massive imprint space for your message. The outdoor safe quality makes these custom magnetic signs made in the USA look good and last long.

Custom Rectangle Car Sign Magnets

Truck Shape Magnets: Transports companies and movers and packers can get their message across in style with these truck shape magnets that are hard to resist. The unique shape of these full-color magnets will turn heads and add miles to your promotional message.

Custom Truck Shape Magnets

 We have a lot more; browse along to find a model that complements your promotional message and make your brand promotions effect and bang on target.