Highlight your Call To Action Messages with Custom Outdoor Car Magnets

A peppy and engaging call to action (CTA) will trigger an immediate response and action from the viewers. CTA typically involves short and spicy one-liners that can be incorporated into a marketing or sales message. CTA will help your audience the benefits they get while buying a product and is focused on the customer’s point of view.

Small Helmet Shape Magnets

Outdoor car magnets will make a smart choice to highlight your call to action messages as these are highly visible, portable and above all attention-grabbing. With enough space for you to entice the customers with what you have on offer, magnets will help you beat the competition easily.  For instance, a painting service provider can think of a simple and straight message like “Free Estimates; Book Now” along with their phone number.   A great CTA has to start with respect for your customer and should not have a nagging sales pitch that turns them off.  Well informed prospective customers don’t want to be told what to do.  They have a lot of purchase options around and your call to action message should help the users to easily get the information they need.

Car magnetic signs are designed to face the weather elements and to remain vibrant and beautiful for a long time. If you are having a food delivery service van in your fleet, choose bigger outdoor magnetic car signs that are available in a wide range of massive sizes. Anything imprinted on these will never be overlooked.

Custom Car Sign Rectangle Shape Magnets

Your call to action message should ideally include your contact details and website url apart the message that you wish to convey to your audience. Make sure that the imprint size is large enough for the motorists to note down.

If you have a specific product line to promote, it will be a smart idea to choose custom magnets in shapes that complement it. For instance,  a pet care center can consider these cute paw shaped magnets to drive home their message and to make heads turn. Anyone will surely be floored at the first sight of these cute magnets. Add an equally interesting call to action that will get people into your stores.

Custom Paw Shape Magnets

 Car magnets are budget-friendly, which make them ideal for mass promotions like tradeshows and mailer campaigns as well. Your recipients will indeed be pleased to stick these full-color magnets on their cars, bikes or vans to make it unique and to stand out in the crowd. Your brand imprinted on these magnets will indeed get a lot of attention from anyone who sees it!

Do you wish to give a boost to your call to action message with car magnets? Share your thoughts with us.