5 Essential Tips To Remember in Custom Car Magnets

An effective car magnet should showcase your brand and message and create lasting impressions. Car magnets are offered in a wide range of models and sizes, which make them ideal for all types of brand promotions and events.

Here are some solid tips that will make your car magnets stand out.

Train Engine / Locomotive Shape Magnets

1. Your brand is your identity

The brand is the main attraction of any vehicle magnet. Get your brand, message or mascot imprinted in full color on these custom car magnets to round off your design. Reports show that 75% of vehicles develop brand impressions among the audience. Fleet advertising increases brand recognition by 15 times than other advertising forms. Choose a simple yet attention-grabbing design for your truck lettering that will convey the message to the viewers.

  1. Match the design with your promotional goals

Make sure that your custom design emphasizes your brand and promotional deals. Discounts and incentives attract new customers. Make sure to align the design and content of the magnets with your promotional message.

  1. Consistent impressions

 Magnetic signs for trucks go a long way in reinforcing your message. Often as many as seven encounters are required for the audience to recall advertisements. If you have a fleet of business vehicles it is recommended to adopt the same design, which helps the audience to easily identify multiple vehicles as a fleet.

4.Fit your budget

The design of magnetic vehicle signs and the cost is closely related. The more complex and massive the design the more will be the design cost. Promotional Car magnets make a highly cost-effective and versatile marketing tool that can be optimized to meet your promotional needs.

Car magnets enjoy a great reach

Business car magnets are popular among prospects, leads, customers, employees and in fact anyone who sees it.  Make sure to design car magnets from the perspective of the viewer to make sure that these logo items capture the attention of your audience. Motorists being the primary category of audiences that encounter with car magnets, it will be helpful to learn more about the driver’s behavioral patterns to get a better insight to the effect of promotional car magnets.

Outdoor car magnets are designed to withstand the outdoor weather elements and will retain its color brilliance and beauty for a long time. Enhance the visibility of your outdoor magnets by adding a great design and a visually appealing graphics that viewers can relate to.

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